Welcome to Sociology

Sociology is the study of social life. Sociologists examine the ways in which living in a society shapes and is shaped by individuals’ actions and identities. We examine the ways in which various inequalities – social class, gender, race, and poverty – affect the kind of life and opportunities individuals can experience and investigate how social change might be brought about by political unrest, revolution, technological change.

In understanding society and social life sociologists develop and work with theories and undertake empirical research, including surveys, interviews, and observations. Specific topics of study in sociology are diverse and can include: culture, deviance and crime, family life, health and illness, gender and sexuality, media, nature and the environment, popular culture, race and ethnic relations, social and sociological theory, social control, social problems, work and occupations, youth and identity. Sociology also provides an excellent foundation for study in professional degrees such as law, social work, journalism, and others. The Australian Sociological Association provides information on the wide range of areas studied by sociologists in Australia.

Sociology graduates enter a variety of jobs and industries, including public relations, marketing, journalism, youth services, administration, the social services, criminal justice and correction, research, the government sector and urban planning.

Flinders sociology is one of the premier sociology disciplines in Australia and has played an important role in shaping the course of social research and policy in Australia. It has a strong commitment to theoretically informed empirical research, a rigorous research culture and strong engagement with public policy issues.