Honours in Women’s Studies is for you if:

  • you like to think and talk about ideas, especially about the complexity of gender relations, with other motivated people
  • you like reading and writing
  • you are prepared for a challenging but rewarding experience.  You have a major in Women’s Studies with a GPA of at least 5.25 in 27 units of upper level topics in a major sequence (a Credit/Distinction average). (If you do not have a Women’s Studies major but have a minor or equivalent study background your application can also be considered)
  • you would like to go to the next level in your investigation of issues and ideas already explored in Women’s Studies.


Why would I do honours in Women’s Studies?

  • it‘adds value’ to your first degree (BA or BBehav (Psych))
  • it demonstrates to employers a high level of skill in critical thinking, research, and writing and the capacity to work independently
  • it opens pathways to research higher degree study (eg PhD)
  • it is a great learning experience
  • it is a great personal challenge

What does it involve?

An honours year in Women’s Studies is comprised of 4 coursework topics, including the core topic, and a 15-18,000 word thesis. It can be done fulltime over one year or part-time over three or four semesters.

Joint Honours Programs in Women’s Studies and another discipline are welcomed. In the past this has been negotiated with, for example, Legal Studies & Drama.

The honours year is a qualitatively different experience from undergraduate study. Students need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. You will get the most reward if you commit to doing your best.

Study will include participating in small and large classes and independent work with a supervisor chosen from the Women’s Studies staff on a thesis topic of your choice. It is advisable, but not required, to write on subject matter that is already familiar and which you have already studied.

The Women’s Studies honours program of study 

Students construct their honours program and choose a supervisor for their honours thesis in consultation with the Women’s Studies Honours Coordinator. It is best to make contact with the Honours Coordinator in the semester before you plan to commence study.

Thesis topics

Select 18 units from the topics listed below:

WMST7030  Women's Studies Honours Thesis (18 units) OR

WMST7030A  Women's Studies Honours Thesis (4.5/18 units) AND

WMST7030B Women's Studies Honours Thesis (4.5/18 units) AND

WMST7030C Women's Studies Honours Thesis (4.5/18 units) AND

WMST7030D  Women's Studies Honours Thesis (4.5/18 units)

Coursework topics

WMST7026  Critique and Construct in Women's Studies (4.5 units) (core topic)

plus 13.5 units from the topics listed below:

WMST7031   Research Practices and Principles (4.5 units)

  Women's Studies Reading Topic (4.5 units)

WMST7018  Dances with Wolves: Women and International Politics (4.5 units)

  Sexualities: Politics and Theories (4.5 units)

WMST7021  Feminist Political Perspectives: the Challenge to Political Theory (4.5 units)

WMST7022  Media and Cultural Identities: Representing Relations of Power (4.5 units)

WMST7023  Memory and the Politics of Difference: Gender, Race and Nations (4.5 units)

WMST7024  Women's Studies Honours Reading Course (4.5 units)

WMST7025  Thinking through the body: contemporary feminist theory (4.5 units)

  Indigenous Women's Voices on Gender and Race (4.5 units)

WMST7028  Sex, Gender & the Law: Gender Rules (4.5 units)

WMST7029 The Personal is political: exploring the government of conjugality (4.5 units)

By special arrangement an honours topic from another discipline may be included instead of one of the optional Women's Studies topics.