Why study Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies addresses the broad question of how gender (social definitions of femininity and masculinity) operates, both in contemporary life and historically, in Australia and in other cultures. Gender, intersecting with other social orders of difference (principally race, class and sexuality) shapes culture and social institutions, as well as personal identity and relationships. Women’s and Gender Studies reflects this wide scope by including social, cultural and political perspectives. It is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge.

 So if you want to know, for example:

  • how are our lives affected by the way media represent gender differences?
  • how have campaigns against sexual harassment changed the face of the workforce?
  • how do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women negotiate their survival in a non-indigenous culture?
  • how styles of masculinity are changing, and what are the causes?
  • how women and men should be represented in the institutions of parliamentary democracies?
  • what the relationship is between gender, sex and sexuality?
  • what disagreements feminists have about the idea that ‘the beauty myth’ works against women’s freedom?
  • how women’s lives are shaped by different cultures in different historical periods?

Then Women's and Gender Studies is for you!

Study a Major in Women's and Gender Studies

  Honours Year  

MA (Women's and Gender Studies)

  Doctor of Philosophy

What can you do with a major in Women's and Gender Studies?

You can contribute to any area of work where Arts graduates are employed, with an enhanced knowledge of the significance of gender issues, and the capacity to analyse and explain areas of disadvantage for women and minority groups. These employment areas include:

  • the entertainment industry
  • public relations and journalism
  • teaching
  • political work
  • community service work
  • social and policy planning
  • small business
  • human resource management
  • postgraduate study