Australian Federation of Graduate Women (AFGW) - ACT Inc :Accomodation Bursary

Opening Date: 15-05-2017   Closing Date: 31-10-2017  


This award is open to women of any age who wish to carry out some short project, in any field, that necessitates a short stay in Canberra (e.g. to use libraries or special equipment, to learn a new technique) and which will benefit their research or professional expertise. The successful applicant will be required to make a brief report to AFGW-ACT Inc. following completion of her project.


The Australian Federation of Graduate Women – ACT Incorporated offers board and lodging for up to four (4) weeks at residential accommodation based at the Australian National University, Canberra to a woman graduate or final year honours student from a university or tertiary institution in Australia, New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea or South Pacific countries. Preference may be given to applicants who are members of the International Federation of University Women.


Application form can be found in link below.

Enquiries regarding the Bursary may also be addressed to Heather Nash.

Ms Heather Nash
AFGW-NSW (Canberra branch)
GPO Box 1453
Canberra   ACT  2601
Ph (02) 6295 9214 and 0405 056 533
Scholarship Type: honours, postgraduate, research, education/humanities/law, health sciences, science and engineering, social and behavioural, commencing, continuing,