American Musical Theatre Academy :American Musical Theatre Academy Scholarship

Opening Date: 10-08-2015   Closing Date: 31-12-2016  


The American Musical Theatre Academy of London is proud to enjoy its fifth year in London. In 2015 AMTA initiates an American Musical Theatre Academy of London scholarship. This will be a yearly program that will invest in young talents in the world of the performing arts, who will innovate and create the world of the future.

AMTA believes that through promoting talent in a wide range of creative fields all facets of the arts will benefit.


The value of the award will depend on the number of applicants and their success. The maximum award is £1000 and payable as a tuition waiver.The award is payable in arrears at the end of the academic year


The applicants must

- be enrolled in a full time course at a University which will commence in Dec 2015 or later
- meet the general entry level of the course they are applying for


For further information on the application procedure please contact AMTA via its website

Scholarship Type: undergraduate, honours, postgraduate, research, education/humanities/law, health sciences, science and engineering, social and behavioural, commencing,