Flinders University has two main scholarship rounds each year.  There is an offering for international candidates only, and an offering for predominately domestic applicants.  In the main domestic round there is an opportunity for international applications to be considered; however, the scholarships in that round only offer a living stipend and international fees would be charged.  For more information about specific scholarships, you can search for them on the scholarships database.

If you are a current Flinders student or a recent graduate, you must apply for candidature and scholarships via the Student System as per the following steps:

  • Use the 'My applications' tab to submit your application for RHD candidature (if you are not already a research candidate)
  • Use the 'My scholarships' tab to submit your application for scholarships
  • Select the RHD scholarships group to be considered for any RHD scholarships that you may be eligible for
  • Upload supporting documentation before submitting your application online

If you are external to Flinders or graduated more than 12 months ago, you must follow the specific advice for the scholarship you are applying for as listed in the scholarships database. International applicants must apply for admission to candidature via the International Centre.

Supporting Documentation

Check the individual conditions of award and application guidelines for the specific scholarship that you are applying for. Generally, your application for a research higher degree scholarship and candidature should include the following documentation with your application:

  • Certified copies of academic transcripts for all studies attempted, except for studies undertaken at Flinders University
  • Completed Confidential Referee's Report by two appropriate academic referees
  • See the Submission of publications page for guidelines of publications to be submitted

Ensure that all required documentation has been attached to your application before submitting.

Need further advice?

Check out the Research Higher Degree scholarship FAQs for more details.

If you have further questions about scholarships at Flinders, visit Ask Flinders for further frequently asked questions or to request support.

You can also contact Student Finance Services directly, see our Contacts page for full details.