If you wish to apply for leave, intermission or extension of your scholarship you will need to apply at least 4 weeks in advance to the Scholarships Committee via Student Finance.  Read the information below about the leave that you may be entitled to, and download and complete an Application for Leave or Six Month Extension (Scholarship Students) (PDF 350KB) .

Applications for leave, intermission or extensions must first be signed off by your supervisor.  In addition, you must also apply separately to the Office of Graduate Research (OGR) for variations to candidature in cases of extended leave.  Seek advice and variation to candidature application forms from the OGR HDR Admissions Team.  Also refer to the HDR Policy.

Leave entitlements

Note: the information below relates to the following Research Scholarships;

Leave Type


Recreation Leave 20 days paid leave each year, in addition to public holidays.  Recreation leave may be accrued over the tenure of the award, but forfeited when the award is terminated.
Sick Leave Up to 10 days of paid sick leave per year.  Sick leave may be accrued over the tenure of the award, but forfeited when the award is terminated. Award holders are entitled to receive additional paid sick leave of up to a total of 60 working days during the duration of the Australian Government Research Training Scholarship for periods of illness where the student has insufficient sick leave entitlements available under clause 11.2, provided that a medical certificate has been provided by the student to the University.
Maternity Leave Award holders who have completed 12 months of their RTP stipend are entitled to a maximum of 60 working days’ paid maternity leave during the duration of the RTP stipend, which is in addition to the normal tenure of the award.  This will be subject to the usual practice of the University, paid leave may also be approved if the student has adopted a child.
Paternity Leave Award holders who are partners of women giving birth while receiving a RTP stipend and who have completed 12 months of their , RTP stipend may be entitled to a period of paid parenting leave at the time of the birth or adoption, subject to the usual practice of the University.
Carers Leave Sick leave entitlements (including additional sick leave) for award holders may also be used to cover leave for students with family caring responsibilities, subject to the usual practice of the University.


Intermissions are non-paid periods of leave from a scholarship, which must match any leave of absence from candidature due to personal circumstances.  The following conditions apply:

  • Award holders who wish to intermit or suspend their studies must apply in writing to the Scholarships Committee. The Scholarships Committee may approve a period or periods totalling up to 12 months. In exceptional circumstances (circumstances beyond the student’s control), the Scholarships Committee may approve periods of intermission up to 24 months in total. Award holders must apply separately to the relevant Faculty Higher Degrees Committee for intermission of their candidature.
  • The Scholarships Committee will not approve intermission of scholarships in the first six months of scholarship tenure except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Award holders who suspend their studies without the approval of the Scholarships Committee will be required to repay any award payments to which they were not entitled.

 Note: you must inform Student Finance when you are about to return to research from intermission.  Your scholarship payments cannot recommence until you have confirmed your return.



An extension to the duration of an AGRTPS/FURS/FSERA/FIPRS and AJ & IM Naylon Phd Scholarship for a Research Doctorate student of up to six months may be approved by the Scholarships Committee provided the student is making satisfactory progress and the grounds for the extension relate to study reasons and are beyond the control of the student. Research Masters students are not eligible for an extension.

Under exceptional circumstances Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (International) award holders can apply for an additional six month extension once the initial extension of six months has commenced.



All scholarship holders are provided with a copy of the conditions of their award, which will vary from one scholarship to another.  For more information about your scholarship, please select your award from our search engine to access further details including the full conditions of award.

For general information about the administration of your award, including payments, please download and read  Your Research Scholarship (PDF 441KB) information sheet.