The Faculty Research Committee meets five times a year, at 3 p.m. in Room 1002, Physical Sciences Building. Note: from 2015 one meeting a year will be held at Tonsley.

2017 membership, meeting dates and papers (restricted to Faculty staff).

Committee information

The Faculty Research Committee (FRC) will advise the Faculty on strategic directions of research and research training, and develop and oversee the implementation of policies for research and research training management within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The FRC will also receive reports from six working groups dealing with the administration of the policies. Membership of these groups is wider than the FRC, allowing exposure and contribution from a broad range of Faculty staff. This structure of a central committee supported by working groups resembles the structure recommended by the Faculty Review of Committee Structure some years ago.


  • Associate Head: Research (Chair)
  • Deputy Associate Head: Research
  • Representatives from Research Centres/Institutes
  • Assoc Dean: Research (or equivalent) from each School within the Faculty
  • Chair of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee
  • In Attendance: Director, Research Services Office and Faculty General Manager

Members should see themselves as bringing special information to the FRC about research activity in the Faculty rather than as representiving the specific interests of research groups. At various times other people from inside or outside of the Faculty may be invited to contribute. Membership of the Committee is based primarily on representation from areas of research strength, attendance by proxies is required on those occasions when substantive members are unable to attend.

Manager, Quality and Planning (Executive Officer)

Frequency of Meetings

Five times a year

Reporting Relationships


Establishment Funding Working Group

Major Equipment Working Group

Research Grants Working Group

Research Higher Degrees Committee

Research Facilities User Group

Overseas Conference Leave and Outside Studies Program Working Group


Faculty Board

Faculty Executive 

Working Groups

  • Establishment Funding Working Group
  • Major Equipment Committee
  • Overseas Conference Leave and Outside Studies Program Working Group
  • Reseach Grants Working Group
  • Research Facilities User Group
  • Research Higher Degrees Committee (FHDC)

Contact person

Kylie Sappiatzer
Extension: 13605



Research information, policies and guidelines