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Meeting dates and documents

2012 Faculty Student Consultative Committee

2013 Faculty Student Consultative Committee

2014 Faculty Student Consultative Committee

2015 Faculty Student Consultative Committee


Terms of reference

The role of the Faculty Student Consultative Committee is to act as an informal forum to facilitate regular communication and consultation between the Faculty Executive and student representatives in the Faculty on student-related matters.

The terms of reference for the Consultative Committee are:

  1. To provide a forum for the Faculty Executive Dean to consult with student representatives on developments and initiatives, and policy matters within the Faculty, that may affect students;
  2. To provide a forum for student representatives to raise concerns and make
    suggestions about student-related matters within the responsibility of the Faculty, including:
    • the application of student-related policy and procedures at the Faculty level; and
    • access to student services, facilities and resources within the Faculty, including ICT and laboratory support.
  3. To consider issues that are of general concern to students and identify appropriate routes for the resolution of issues raised, which may include referral to a relevant Faculty/School committee or officer.

  4. To consider Faculty wide student matters referred to it by relevant School Committees.

The Committee will not consider individual appeals, complaints or grievances made by students. Such matters should be handled under the Student Appeals and Complaints: Policies and Procedures, or other relevant policies or regulations.


Composition of the Committee

  • Executive Dean (or nominee);
  • Members of the Faculty Executive, as nominated by the Executive Dean; and
  • a minimum of six student representatives from a broad cross section of Schools and courses within the Faculty, including undergraduate and postgraduate student representatives and international students, selected by a method approved by the Faculty Executive Dean.

Student representatives will have a one year term.

Meeting frequency

The Faculty Student Consultative Committee will convene at least once per semester.

FSCC Nomination Form (PDF 42KB)