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Julie Nixon
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2016 Teaching and Learning Committee

Terms of reference

Role of the Committee

The Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee will:

  • Recommend strategic directions for improving teaching and learning and develop and oversee the implementation of policies for teaching and learning
  • Advise the Faculty Academic Committee on strategic issues and quality concerns in the area of teaching and learning, and implement directives from the Faculty Academic Committee
  • Monitor student feedback on teaching and learning and ensure any required action is taken
  • Identify and take action to address issues that arise, for example through the annual reports on teaching and learning prepared by the University, in accordance with the Key Accountability Measures and other evaluations of teaching and learning employed by the University and Faculty
  • Gather and disseminate information about good teaching practice and encourage the adoption of such practices to improve the student learning experience
  • Develop and promote opportunities for staff development in relation to teaching and learning that enhance the quality of teaching
  • Implement and monitor compliance of quality assurance processes in the are of teaching and learning including that which is prescribed by University policy (excluding Course Reviews)
  • Monitor, support and promote best practice and innovations in teaching and learning
  • Act as a channel of communication between the Faculty and the University's Education Matters Advisory Group (EMAG).


Ex-Officio members

  • Associate Head: Teaching and Learning (Chair)
  • Chairs of each of the Schools' Teaching and Learning Committees
  • Director, Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century
  • Faculty General Manager or delegate

Members invited by the Chair

  • Academic staff member from the School of Education at Flinders University
  • One academic staff member who demonstrate an interest in teaching and learning
  • One student enrolled in the Faculty
  • Student Learning Centre Representative

Members invited by the Chair will normally serve for a term of two years, but may be invited to serve a further term.

The student representative will serve for a one year term and may be invited to serve a further term.


One half of the membership plus one.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will normally meet 9 times per year.

Working Groups

The Committee will receive reports from Working Groups it establishes to deal with the administration of policies and strategic priorities. Membership for Working Groups will be drawn from academic staff within the Faculty.

The following Working Groups will be established:

Best Practice Discovery Working Group

E-Learning Innovation Committee

First Year Transition Working Group 

Teaching and Learning Grants Working Group