2014 Teaching and Learning Committee

The Teaching and Learning Committee will normally meet nine times a year, on the third Monday of selected months. 

Contact person
Julie Strunk Extension 15548

Note: Documents relating to TLC business are FAN/password protected, and only accessible by authorised staff.

Meeting Date Papers Deadline Papers
01-14  17th February  7th February

  Agenda 01-14 (PDF 395KB)

01-14 Minutes (PDF 110KB)

02-14  17th March  3rd March

  Agenda 02-14 (PDF 127KB) .

02-14 Minutes (PDF 113KB)

03-14 28th April  14th April

  Agenda 03-14 (PDF 915KB)

03-14_Minutes (PDF 109KB)

Meeting Cancelled 19th May   5th May  
04-14  23rd June  2nd June

  Agenda 04-14 (PDF 133KB)

04-14 Minutes (PDF 111KB)

Meeting Cancelled  21st July  7th July  
05-14  18th August  4th August

  05-14_Agenda.pdf (PDF 126KB)

05-14_Minutes (PDF 114KB)

06-14  15th September  1st September

Agenda 06-14.pdf (PDF 583KB)  

06-14_Minutes.pdf (PDF 116KB)

07-14  20th October  6th October

  Agenda_07-14.pdf (PDF 584KB)

07-14_Minutes.pdf (PDF 101KB)

08-14  17th November  3rd November

  08-14 Agenda.pdf (PDF 571KB)

08-14_Minutes.pdf (PDF 132KB)



  • Assoc Professor Karen Burke da Silva (Associate Head of Faculty: Teaching and Learning)

Executive Officer

  • Ms Julie Strunk

Faculty General Manager, or nominee

  • Ms Samantha Hammer

Chairs of each of Schools' Teaching and Learning Committees

  • Dr Luciana Moller
  • Professor Jamie Quinton
  • Associate Professor Kenneth Pope
  • Associate Professor John Edwards

Director, Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century

  • Professor Martin Westwell

Members invited by the chair

Academic staff member for the School of Education and Flinders University

  • Dr Julie Clark

One academic staff member who demonstrate an interest in teaching and learning

  • Dr Lisa Schmidt

One Student enrolled in the Faculty

  • Michael Zalavari

Student Learning Centre representative

  • Dr Kung-Keat Teoh