The Faculty of Science & Engineering is one of four faculties at Flinders University.  This  Faculty Office Org Chart Oct 2013 (PDF 19KB) provides an overview of the Faculty Office.

Faculty structure

  • The Faculty Office is the central co-ordinating office for the Faculty's administrative and financial activity. Much of the student support and on-line learning development is delivered from here. Staff work closely with the Schools and Faculty committees in order to further our teaching and research objectives.
  • The School of Biological Sciences includes staff members whose interests and expertise range from the molecular to the whole organism level. They provide teaching in Science and Arts, and in specialist degree areas such as Biotechnology, Medical Science, Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Biodiversity & Conservation and Ecotourism. Broad ranging research programs are also available.
  • The School of Chemical & Physical Sciences is a multidisciplinary school. Degrees are offered in the traditional areas of Chemistry and Physics, and in the specialist areas of Nanotechnology, Forensic and Analytic Chemistry, Clean Technology. Research programs in these fields are available.
  • The School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics incorporates the disciplines of Engineering, Computer Science / Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics. The focus of the school is on best practice in the education, research, consulting and training in those areas.
  • The School of the Environment combines the work of Environmental Managers, Environmental Health professionals, Geographers, Geologists, Hydrologists, Oceanographers, and Population experts.Through the School they collaborate with world-leading researchers in the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training and Airborne Research Australia.


Faculty/School committees

Faculty leadership team

  • Executive Dean: Professor Warren Lawrance
  • Deputy Executive Dean: Professor John Roddick
  • Deans of Schools
    • School of Biological Sciences: Associate Professor Ian Menz
    • School of Chemical & Physical Sciences: Professor Joe Shapter
    • School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics: Professor John Roddick
    • School of the Environment: Professor Okke Batelaan
  • Deputy / Associate Deans of Schools
    • School of Biological Sciences: 
      • Deputy Dean: Associate Professor Kathleen Soole
      • Associate Dean Research: Professor Melissa Brown 
      • Associate Dean Teaching & Learning: Associate Professor Molly Whalen
    • School of Chemical & Physical Sciences:
      • Operations: Associate Professor Martin Johnston
      • Research: Professor Michael Brunger
      • Teaching & Learning: Professor Jamie Quinton
    • School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics: Professor Karen Reynolds
    • School of the Environment:
      • Associate Dean Research: Professor Patrick Hesp
  • Associate Heads of Faculty
    • Teaching & Learning: Associate Professor Karen Burke da Silva
    • Research: Professor Mike Bull
  •  Faculty General Manager: Dr Duncan Rayner