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Undertaking an honours degree in the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University provides many opportunities for students to experience the intellectual fertility that arises from a broad base of disciplines all working together, that are normally separated into departments in many universities. The honours degrees are designed to give a rounded experience in biological research including gaining more sophisticated skills in communication, scientific writing, research and project planning. They provide a sound basis for future development in a research career or in other careers where critical and analytical skills are valued.

The honours degrees are open to students from other Universities, provided that the student has an appropriate undergraduate degree and also meets other requirements. Honours is also available as a part-time course over two years. The full-time or part time degrees may be commenced in either February or July. Many projects involving field studies and experiments are best started in August because many ecosystems are most active in the spring or summer months.


Honours degrees

View a complete list of science and environment honours degrees.


Entry requirements

  • must have obtained a bachelors degree from a recognised tertiary institution; and
  • is expected to have achieved a grade point average of 5 or above, and a high standard in the area relating to the proposed field of study.

Choosing a project

  1. The honours booklet (PDF 1MB) outlines a list of available honours projects.
  2. The  Honours Manual  gives a list of policies and procedures associated with studying Honours in Biological Sciences
  3. Make an appointment with relevant academic staff and discuss potential projects.

How to apply

Before applying you will need to have chosen a research project and to have approval of your supervisor(s).

If you are an internal, external or international student applying for a 1 year Honours Program you can apply online. Please enter the study code HBSC to select the correct course.

If you are enrolled in a 4 year program please complete the Internal honours application form (PDF 174KB)



Flinders University Scholarship Information

To view the wide range of scholarships available to students studying honours programs follow the above link.

Scholarships are to be negotiated with the project supervisor(s).