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  Ms Maziidah Ab Rahman 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Qin, Mitchell
Email: abra0065@flinders.edu.au

Research: Comparative Study on Food and Feeding of Cookles and Mussels - Understanding towards Ecosystem Based Management

  Ms Felise Adams
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): BrownStroeher
Email: adam0233@flinders.edu.au

Research: Regulation of Virulence in Acinetobacter baumannii

  Ms Shirin Akter
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Qin
Email: akte0004@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Sarmad Al-Asadi 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): SchullerMenz 
Email: alas0025@flinders.edu.au

Research: Using Tetrahymena to Screen Australian Native Plants for New Antimalarial Drugs

  Mr Badr Alharthi 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Soole, Jenkins
Email: badr.alharthi@flinders.edu.au

Research: Alternative Respiration and Stress Tolerance in Wheat

  Mr Mansour Alotaibi 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Whalen, Mackay
Email: mansour.alotaibi@flinders.edu.au

Research: Morphological, Genetic and Cytological Variation in the Australian Frankenias

  Mr Sam Arman 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux, Worthy
Email: samuel.arman@flinders.edu.au

Research: Diet, Adaptation and Niche Partitioning of Macropodids (kangaroos) Inferred through Microwear Texture Analysis

  Mr Ryan Baring
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Fairweather, Huveneers

Email: ryan.baring@flinders.edu.au

Research: Faunal Associations with Drifting Macrophytes and Wrack Accumulations in the Nearshore of South Australian Sandy Beaches

  Ms Kimberley Batley
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Moller
Email: batl0007@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Adam Bentham 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Anderson
Email: adam.bentham@flinders.edu.au

Research: A Structural Insight into the Wheat Stem Rust Fungus Resistance Protein Sr33

  Mr Alex Blackall
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Mackay

Email: blac0227@flinders.edu.au


   Mr Sean Buckley
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Beheregaray
Email: buck0144@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Hayden Burdett
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): AndersonSoole
Email: burd0047@flinders.edu.au

Research: Autophosphorylation as a Signalling Mechanism for the Flax Rust Resistance Protein, M

  Ms Jessica Buss
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Harris
Email: jessica.buss@flinders.edu.au


  Miss Amy Butler
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Westwell, Burke da Silva
Email: amy.butler@flinders.edu.au

Research: Educational Neuroscience Translation into Practice in Tertiary Education

  Mr Shea Cameron 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): DittmannFairweather
Email: shea.cameron@flinders.edu.au

Research: Determinants for Fouling Community Development on Natural and Artificial Substrates

  Miss Jessica Carlson-Jones 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Mitchell, Speck
Email: jessica.carlsonjones@flinders.edu.au

Research: The Microbial Ecology of Children with Sleep Apnoea

  Ms Michelle Chen 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown, Goodman
Email: michelle.chen@flinders.edu.au

Research: Characterisation of Antibiotic Resistand Staphylocci in South Australian Wallabies

  Mr Mohsen Chitsaz
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown
Email: mohsen.chitsaz@flinders.edu.au


  Miss Jessica Clayton 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner, Hutchinson
Email: jessica.clayton@flinders.edu.au

Research: Interactions Between Hole Digging Spiders and Hole Dwelling Pygmy Bluetongue Lizards

  Ms Lucy Clive
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner
Email: cliv0002@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Rachel Correll 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): GardnerPrideaux
Email: rachel.correll@flinders.edu.au

Research: Environmental Determinants of Geographic Body Size Variation within Australian Mammal Species

  Ms Nardi Cribb 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Seuront, Mitchell 
Email: nardi.cribb@flinders.edu.au

Research: Marine biology

  Mr Ben Crowe
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Harris
Email: crow0095@flinders.edu.au


  Miss Krishna-Lee Currie 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): HarrisBeheregaray
Email: krishnalee.currie@flinders.edu.au

Research: Abalone Physiology and Metabolism

  Ms Lettee Dametto
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Soole
Email: dame0006@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Tara Daniell
PhD Student / Supervisor(s):Gardner 
Email: dani0103@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Abo Dashtbani
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown

Email: dash0015@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Olivia Davies
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Schwarz
Email: olivia.davies@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Bonnie-Thais Derne
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner 
Email: dern0001@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Fernando Diaz Aguirre 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): MollerParra
Email: fernando.diaz@flinders.edu.au

Research: Social Dynamics and Genetic Structure of the Burrunan Dolphin (Tursiops australis) in Coffin Bay South Australia

  Mr David Dodemaide 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): FairweatherHuveneers
Email: dode0001@flinders.edu.au

Research: Salinity and Biotic Responses to Environmental Water

  Mr Michael Drew
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Huveneers, Meekan
Email: michael.drew@flinders.edu.au

Research: Movements and Ecology of Whaler Sharks in Southern Australia.

  Ms Jody Fisher
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Mitchell 
Email: jody.fisher@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Diana Fusco
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux
Email: diana.fusco@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Katie Gates
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown
Email: gate0025@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Rodrigo Genoves
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Moller
Email: geno0015@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Sarah Giles
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown
Email: sarah.giles@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Scarlett Graff
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner 
Email: graf0016@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Jessica Hacking 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): GardnerSchwarz
Email: jessica.hacking@flinders.edu.au

Research: Honest Signals of Fitness? Analysis of Immune Gene Variation, Parasite Loads, and Colour Polymorphism in the Tawny Dragon Lizard (Ctenophorus decresii)

  Ms Alicia Haines 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Linacre, Kobus
Email: alicia.haines@flinders.edu.au

Research: Detecting Latent DNA at Crime Scenes

  Mr Warren Handley 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): WorthyPrideaux 
Email: hand0069@flinders.edu.au

Research: Palaeontology: Neural anatomy of Galloanserae and the placement of key Australasian galliform and anseriform fossils

  Ms Petra Hanke
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Kleindorfer, Colombelli-Negrel
Email: hank0032@flinders.edu.au

Research: Birds

  Mr MD Hassan 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): QinHarris
Email: hass0015@flinders.edu.au

Research: Reproductive Process and Sperm Cryopreservation in Flat Oyster Ostrea Angasi

  Ms Bec Haughey
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux
Email: haug0025@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Matthew Heard 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): HuveneersMitchell
Email: matt.heard@flinders.edu.au

Research: Assessment of Thresher Shark (Alopias vulpinas) Vulnerability to Australian Commercial and Recreational Fisheries

  Mr Dennis Heinrich
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Huveneers
Email: hein0116@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Deevesh Hemraj 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): LetermeQin
Email: deevesh.hemraj@flinders.edu.au

Research: Trophodynamics of Plankton Communities

  Mr Shaun Henderson
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Qin
Email: hend0249@flinders.edu.au


  Miss Tamar Jamieson 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Leterme, Ellis
Email: jami0054@flinders.edu.au

Research: Desalination and Microbiology

  Mr Nathan Janetzki 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): FairweatherLeterme
Email: nathan.janetzki@flinders.edu.au

Research: Intertidal Community Structure and Rock Type

  Mr Jan-Georg Jendyk 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): LetermeBrown
Email: jan.jendyk@flinders.edu.au

Research: Phytoplankton as Indicator of Enviromental Changes in the Coorong, South Australia

  Mrs Piyamas Kanokwongnuwut
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Linacre
Email: kano0015@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Legesse Kifelew
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Speck
Email: kife0001@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Benedict King
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Long
Email: king0393@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Marija Knez 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Stangoulis, Graham
Email: marija.knez@flinders.edu.au

Research: Adequate zinc concentration: a key to the prevention and treatment of iron and zinc deficiencies

  Ms Carmel Maher
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner
Email: mahe0050@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Arif Malik 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): SchullerHuveneers
Email: mali0044@flinders.edu.au

Research: Analyzing the Gene Expression of the PGC-1 Transcriptional Co-activators During the Development of Regional Endothermy in Southern Bluefin Tuna and Shortfin Mako Shark

  Miss Amanda Manuel 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): LongPrideaux
Email: manu0066@flinders.edu.au

Research: Evolutionary Biology (palaeontology)

  Ms Jessica Marsh 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): MackayWhalen
Email: jess.marsh@flinders.edu.au

Research: Effects of Prescribed Burning on Spider Communities of Narrow-Leaved Mallee Communities on Kangaroo Island.

  Mr John Marshall 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): WhalenMackay
Email: john.marshall@flinders.edu.au

Research: Ecology and Genetics of Invasive Blackberries in South Australia

  Mr Rupert Mathwin
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Bradshaw
Email: math0286@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Omar Mendoza Porras 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): HarrisMenz 
Email: mend0033@flinders.edu.au

Research: Molecular Assessment of Spawning Cues in Temperate Abalone Haliotis laevigata

  Ms Lauren Meyer
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux
Email: meye0051@flinders.edu.au