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  Ms Lisa Nink
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux
Email: lisa.nink@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Gerrut Norval
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner
Email: gerrut.norval@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Ben Parslow
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Schwarz
Email: ben.parslow@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Michael Petrinolis
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Menz, Abbott
Email: michael.petrinolis@flinders.edu.au

Research: Investigating the Functional Role of Unique Protein Inserts in Plasmodium Falciparum Enzymes

  Ms Lan Pham Hong
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Harris, Speck
Email: lan.pham@flinders.edu.au

Research: Use of Histopathology in Disease Surveillance with an Emphasis on Betanodavirus, Causative Agent of Viral Nervous Necrosis in Barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1970)

  Ms Anne Pillman 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Westwell, Burke da Silva

Research: Factors Impacting on the Development of Science Concepts in Primary Students

  Ms Lisa Pogson
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Abbott, Soole
Email: lisa.pogson@flinders.edu.au

Research: The Role of Diopeptidyl Peptidases in Cellular Metabolism and Cancer

  Ms Eleanor Pratt
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Moller
Email: eleanor.pratt@flinders.edu.au


  Mrs Samra Abdalhadee Ahmed Qaraghuli
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Catcheside; Burgoyne
Email: qara0004@flinders.edu.au

Research: Microbiology & Biochemistry of Antibiotic Production by Macrofungi

  Mr Robert Qiao
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Abbott
Email: robert.qiao@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Celina Rebola
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Schwarz
Email: celina.rebola@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Sylvia Sapula
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown, Stroeher
Email: sylvia.sapula@flinders.edu.au

Research: Functional characterisation and Structural Analysis of the Staphylococcus Aureus Small MultidrugTransporter QacC

  Ms Lenara Scandrett
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Linacre
Email: lenara.scandrett@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Carly Schramm
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Anderson
Email: carly.schramm@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Stuart Sexton
PhD Student / Supervisor(s):Huveneers, Parra
Email: sext0027@flinders.edu.au

Research: Ecology of small pelagic fishes off Southern Australia

  Mrs Nahid Shokri Bousjein
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Gardner, Schwarz
Email: nahid.shokribousjein@flinders.edu.au

Research: Adaptive Evolution of Hosts and Parasites: How Can Species Maintain High Evolutionary Rates and Persist Despite Very Low Effective Population Sizes

  Ms Elen Shute
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux, Worthy
Email: elen.shute@flinders.edu.au

Research: Pleistocene Bird fossils from Thylacoleo Caves Nullarbor Plain

  Ms Jennifer Singh
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Brown, Stroeher
Email: jennifer.singh@flinders.edu.au

Research: The Role of the Polysaccharide Capsule in Acinetobacter baumannii Virulence

  Ms Amy Slender
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Kleindorfer, Gardner
Email: amy.slender@flinders.edu.au

Research: Using Genetics to Understand Subspecies Boundaries in the Thick-billed Grasswren, a Threatened Arid Zone Bird?

  Mr Jason Smith 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Anderson
Email: smit1191@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Tamsyne Smith-Harding
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Mitchell, Soole
Email: smit1111@flinders.edu.au

Research: The Role of the Diatom Frustule in Carbon Acquisition and Fixation

  Ms Marika Taleuchi
PhD Student / Supervisor(s):  Mitchell
Email: marika.taleuchi@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Kailah Thorn
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Prideaux
Email: Kailah.Thorn@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Thanh Hai Tran
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Anderson
Email: tran0285@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Caixia Wang
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Mitchell
Email: caixia.wang@flinders.edu.au


  Mr Christopher Waterman 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Soole

Research: Plant Biotechnology

  Mr John Weber 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): MenzBall 
Email: webe0040@flinders.edu.au

Research: Statistically Maximising Current Predictive Techniques compared to Plant uptake of Metal (oid)s from Soil over time

  Ms Sasha Whitmarsh
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Fairweather, Huveneers
Email: sasha.whitmarsh@flinders.edu.au

Research: Assessing Environmental Impacts on Temperate Fish Assemblages Using Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVS) in Marine Ecosystems in South Australia

  Ms Emily Wilson
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): Moller
Email: emily.wilson@flinders.edu.au


  Ms Nikki Zanardo 
PhD Student / Supervisor(s): MollerParra
Email: nikki.zanardo@flinders.edu.au

Research: Alternative Respiration and Stress Tolerance in Wheat