The discipline of Biological Sciences at Flinders University is an integrated community researching and teaching biology. The atmosphere is collegial and energetic.

The scientific questions explored span a wide range and continue to grow as biological disciplines arise. Our foundations are collaborative clusters in

These are fluid groups that provide a critical mass for exploring new teaching and research by bringing diverse approaches and resources to bear on topical issues in biology.

We have a long history of innovation. Forensic research and teaching have been going on for more than 25 years, for example. Currently, our community consists of 30-some faculty, 70 PhD students, 25 Masters students, 40 research associates, assistants and technical staff, and 25 visiting and honorary staff.

Our department is enriched by collaborations with over four dozen local, state and Commonwealth government agencies as well as national and overseas organisations. These connections help us keep up to date and relevant in the rapidly changing world of science.