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Study/Research area

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Maziidah Ab Rahman


12626  maziidah.abrahman@flinders.edu.au B3 Qin
Noer Aini 

fish oil replacement,   seafood quality,

13593 aini0004@flinders.edu.au 322 Schuller 
Badr Alharthi


17961 badr.alharthi@flinders.edu.au 305 Soole
Sarmad Al-Asadi   13593  alas0025@flinders.edu.au 320  Schuller
Abdullah Alajlan (MBiotech) 13020  alaj0008@flinders.edu.au 312  Soole 
Miad Alhumaidi (MBiotech) 13593 alhu0017@flinders.edu.au  320 Schuller 
Yousef Alkhamis  algae, organic carbon 12626 yousef.alkhamis@flinders.edu.au 128F   Qin 
Mansour Alotaibi

Frankenia, phylogenetics, systematics

13002  alot0071@flinders.edu.au 011 Whallen 
Sam Arman  Kangaroos and Pleistocene ecosystems 15342  samuel.arman@flinders.edu.au  B1  Prideaux
Sylvia Baltzer multidrug resistance,  biocides and Staphylococcus aureus 15379 sylvia.baltzer@flinders.edu.au 225 Brown
Matthew Bansemer greenlip abalone and macroalgae 12626 matthew.bansemer@flinders.edu.au 128F  Qin 
Ryan Baring Seagrass, macroalgae and community ecology 13489  ryan.baring@flinders.edu.au 141  Fairweather
Crystal Beckmann Shark Ecology (diet and fatty acid) 13490 crystal.beckmann@flinders.edu.au 2002 Huveneers/Mitchell/Stone/Seuront
William Bravington* Reproduction and genetics of Australian native fish (in Victoria) n/a william.bravington@flinders.edu.au n/a Mair
Christopher Brauer   12180 chris.brauer@flinders.edu.au 023  Beheregaray 
Maressa Bruhn* Cancer (at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) n/a bruh0005@flinders.edu.au n/a Abbott/Sheppard/Hannan
Alaa Bukhari (MBiotech) 15003  bukh0002@flinders.edu.au  2003 Phys Sc  Mitchell
Hayden Burdett Biotechnology 15436 burd0047@flinders.edu.au 335  Anderson 
Shea Cameron Ecology of Artifical Substrates 13754 shea.cameron@flinders.edu.au 136 Dittman/Linacre
Coraline Chapperon Intertidal Gastropod Movement 13490 coraline.chapperon@flinders.edu.au 2002 Phys Sc Seuront/Mitchell
Michelle Chen Wallaby and antibiotic resistance 12267 michelle.chen@flinders.edu.au 337 Brown
Sherryn Ciavaglia Forensic Genetics (Pythons) 15003  sherryn.ciavaglia@flinders.edu.au 2003 Phys Sc Linacre/Henry
Jessica Clayton

Behaviour and population dynamics of the pygmy bluetongue lizards and the hole digging spiders

12805 jessica.clayton@flinders.edu.au 150/152  Bull
Rachel Correll Mammal Ecology/Evolution 12764 rachel.correll@flinders.edu.au B8 Johnston/Prideaux
Aidan Couzens Mammal evolution and dietary adaptation 12764 aidan.couzens@flinders.edu.au B7 Prideaux 
Nardi Cribb Marine Biology and bottlenose dolphin 13490 nardi.cribb@flinders.edu.au 2002 Phys Sc Seuront/Miller
Simone Dalgairns Bird Fire Ecology 17753 dalg0005@flinders.edu.au 2303A Phys Sc Kleindorfer/Driscoll (ANU)
Vinh Dang Antiviral activity and resistance in abalone 15234 vinh.dang@flinders.edu.au 035 Speck
Sam Davies Aquaculture and worm farming 17951 sam.davies@flinders.edu.au 014 Mair
Lisa Dann

Microbial communities, food webs and environmental flow requirements

15234 lisa.dann@flinders.edu.au 035  Mitchell/Speck 
Emma deCourcy-Ireland Molecular plant pathology   15436 emma.decourcyireland@flinders.edu.au 335 Anderson
Bonnie-Thais Derne Lizards 15352  dern0001@flinders.edu.au 150 Bull
Fernando Diaz Cetacean socio-genetics 12357 fernando.diaz@flinders.edu.au 153  Moller/Parra
Toni Diegoli* X-Linked Short Tandem Repeats (Based at Armed Forces DNA Laboratoy, Washington DC)   dieg0002@flinders.edu.au    Linacre 
Minh Quang Dinh Behaviour & population demography of the Goby Parapocryptes serperater  12626 quang.dinh@flinders.edu.au  128D  Qin
David Dodemaide*   NA david.dodemaide@flinders.edu.au NA Fairweather
Fabricius Domingos Lizards Evolution and Biogeography 12180  fabricius.domingos@flinders.edu.au 023  Beheregaray 
Xiaoyu Dong Utilization of pure oxygen in fish culture 12626  dong0049@flinders.edu.au 128F  Qin
Michael Drew Movements and ecology of whaler sharks  13490 michael.drew@flinders.edu.au  Phys Sc 2002 Dittmann
Bianca Dunker* Fire ecology, plant population genetics (Based at Adelaide Uni)   dunk0030@flinders.edu.au   Bull
Duong Duong Ngoc Aquaculture 12626 duon0037@flinders.edu.au 128D  Harris
Mehregan Ebrahimi Translocation in endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard 12805 ebra0006@flinders.edu.au 148 Bull
Christine Evans Fire Ecology in superb fairy-wrens 17753  christine.evans@flinders.edu.au Phys Sc 2303a  Kleindorfer
James Forwood

Integrated pest management in silver perch and rainbow trout

12626 james.forwood@flinders.edu.au  128D Harris
Sarah Giles Acinetobacter baumannii virulence 15379 sarah.giles@flinders.edu.au 225  Brown 
Scott Groom Native Bees in the South Pacific 15112 scott.groom@flinders.edu.au 036 Schwarz
Nadine Hackett* Population biology of the Western King prawn (LMSC) 86832555 nadine.hackett@flinders.edu.au n/a Dittman/Dixon
Jessica Hacking Novel immune gene (MHC) markers, tawny dragons   jessica.hacking@flinders.edu.au 161  Gardner 
Alicia Haines Touch DNA, Intercalating Dyes   alicia.haines@flinders.edu.au PHYS3003  Linacre 
Matthew Heard Thresher Shark Ecology 13490 matt.heard@flinders.edu.au 2002 Phys Sc  Huveneers/Rogers
James Herbert Parasite infections 12209 james.herbert@flinders.edu.au 323 Menz
Tim Hunt     tim.hunt@flinders.edu.au 153  Parra 
Thanh, Hoang Hai Aquaculture 13045 thanh.hoanghai@flinders.edu.au  128D Qin 
Mina Hojat Ansari Molecular Ecology and Phylogeography  13865  hoja0001@flinders.edu.au 163 Gardner
My-My Huynh Plant Molecular Physiology/Cereal Nutrition Biotechnology 17997  mymy.huynh@flinders.edu.au  301  Anderson/Stangoulis
Sarah Imgraben Wetland Ecosystems 15182 sarah.imgraben@flinders.edu.au 2001, Physical Sciences  Dittman/Seuront
Nathan Janetzki   13489  nathan.janetzki@flinders.edu.au 141 Fairweather
Krystal Jay Cetacean behaviour 13838 krystal.jay@flinders.edu.au 123 Mitchell
Jan-Georg Jendyk Phytoplankton 13838 jan.jendyk@flinders.edu.au 123  Leterme 
Anastasia Khodakova Soil comparisons and forensics 15003 anastasia.khodakova@flinders.edu.au 2003 Phys Sc Linacre
 Benedict King Paleonthology 12305


124 Long
Marija Knez Nutrition  


232 Stangoulis
Jodi Lill Marine ecology of seagrasses 13489 lill0028@flinders.edu.au 141 Fairweather
Yi Bing Liu

Sperm refrigeration and cryopreservation in abalone

15182 yibing.liu@flinders.edu.au 2001 Phys Sc  Robinson 
Marina Louter Biodiversity & Grasswrens 17753 marina.louter@flinders.edu.au 2303 Phys Sc  Kleindorfer 
Daniel Male (MScience) 13002 male0031@flinders.edu.au 008 Whalen/Mackay
Louise Manuel


12305  manu0066@flinders.edu.au 124 Long
Jessica Marsh

Restoration Ecology/Spider Community Structure

13002  mars0364@flinders.edu.au 008  MacKay/Whalen
John Marshall Invasion biology of weeds/Blackberries  13002 john.marshall@flinders.edu.au 011 Whalen/Mackay
Craig Meakin Aquaculture and King George whiting 12626 craig.meakin@flinders.edu.au 128d Qin
Lam Nguyen     nguy0253@flinders.edu.au 302 Stangoulis
Michael Petrinolis   12209 michael.petrinolis@flinders.edu.au 324  Menz/Abbott 
Omar Mendoza Porras* Spawning cues in temperate abalone (Based In Queensland)   mend0033@flinders.edu.au   Harris 
Georgia Mercer

Abalone, Anaesthetics, Efficacy, APVMA, Haliotis

  georgia.mercer@flinders.edu.au 131 Harris
Brendon Meulders Bird Fire Ecology 17753  meul0001@flinders.edu.au  2303A, Phys Sc Kleindorfer/Robertson
Mrs Usma Munawara* SA Pathology (at Women's & Children's Hospital)   usma.munawara@flinders.edu.au   Benhendorff 
Anjum Naqvi

Ciliate mitochondrial function, drug target, Alveolate infections

13836 naqv0002@flinders.edu.au 333 Abbott
Torben Nielsen   12805 torben.nielsen@flinders.edu.au 150  Bull
Warwick Noble Marine Ecology & Aquaculture 12626 warwick.noble@flinders.edu.au 128F Benkendorff/Harris
Renee Ottens

Forensic DNA, Crime Investigation, Direct PCR

19987 renee.ottens@flinders.edu.au 330 Phys Sc Linacre
Lachlan Palmer Plant Physiology & Plant Nutrition 17997 lachlan.palmer@flinders.edu.au 301 Stangoulis/Graham
Cecilia Passadore Real Cetaceans, spatial ecology   cecilia.passadore@flinders.edu.au 163 
James Paterson Biological Oceanography 15182 pate0085@flinders.edu.au 2001, Physical Sciences Seuront/Mitchell
Sarah Pearson Sociality and immune gene diversity in group living lizard Egernia stokesii. 13865


163 Gardner
Katharina Peters Ecology of Darwin's Tree Finches 17753 katharina.peters@flinders.edu.au 2303A Phys Sc  Kleindorfer/Robertson
Lan Pham  Fish Pathology (MScience) 12626  pham0083@flinders.edu.au 128D Harris/Speck
Greg Poi Bioremediation of waste contaminated hydrocarbons (Based in Singapore)   poi0001@flinders.edu.au    
Lisa Pogson Dipeptidyl peptidases and malignant transformation 12090 lisa.pogson@flinders.edu.au 336 Abbott
Eloise Prime Phytoplankton community 15182 eloise.prime@flinders.edu.au 2001, Physical Sciences Mitchell/Leterme
Samra Qaraghuli         Catcheside
Md. Motiur Rahman Molecular Plant Pathology      15436 rahman.rahman@flinders.edu.au 335 Anderson
Michael Roach Structural Biology/Biochemistry 12209 roac0030@flinders.edu.au 323 Menz/Brown
Jacqui Rochow Microbial Communities in Microbial Fuel Cells 15234 jacqui.rochow@flinders.edu.au 035  Mitchell 
Clara Rodriguez-Zarate Seascape and conservaiton genetics of Olive Ridley Turtles 12180 jimena.rodriguez@flinders.edu.au 023 Beheregaray
David Rudd Marine bioprospecting 15747 rudd0019@flinders.edu.au 039 Benkendorff 
Mel Schlein Plant Ecology 13002 schl0032@flinders.edu.au 011 Mackay/Whalen
Andrew Scholefield

Nutrition and lipid metabolism in southern bluefin tuna

13593  andrew.scholefield@flinders.edu.au 320 Schuller
Julie Schofield Dispersal Ecology of the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard 12805 scho0155@flinders.edu.au 150 Bull/Hutchinson
Leili Shamiminoori Morphological Variation in the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard 12805 sham1012@flinders.edu.au 150 Bull

Nahid Shokri Bousjein

Marine Biology (anemones) 17753 nahid.shokribousjein@flinders.edu.au 163  Gardner 
Elen Shute Pleistocene Bird fossils 15342 shut0024@flinders.edu.au B1  Prideaux 
Amy Slender Gene flow and conservation in grasswrens 17753 slen0001@flinders.edu.au PHYS2303a Kleindorfer 
Renee Smith Marine Biology 13490 renee.smith@flinders.edu.au 2002, Physical Sciences Mitchell
Tamsyne Smith-Harding* Phytoplankton Ecology (at Monash University Clayton, Vic)    smit1111@flinders.edu.au    Mitchell
Pradeep Sornaraj Molecular plant pathology  15436 prad0010@flinders.edu.au 335 Anderson
Betty Suryawati  Acinetobacter baumannii pathogenesis and virulence 15134 sury0015@flinders.edu.au 223 Brown/Stroeher
Jennifer Templeton Forensic DNA, genotyping 15003 jennifer.templeton@flinders.edu.au PHYS2003  Linacre 
Angelica Thieleke   13593 angelica.thieleke@flinders.edu.au 320 Schuller
Claire Treilibs* Ecology of Slater's Skink (Alice Springs)   mailto:trei0006@flinders.edu.au 150 Bull 
Wan Abdul Wan Ahmad Alternative dietary oils on baramundi                   13593 wan.rahim@flinders.edu.au 320 Schuller
Nadiah Wan Rasdi

food in aquaculture and cladocerans

12626 nadiah.wanrasdi@flinders.edu.au 128F Qin
Vajira Wanniarachchi Alternative pathway of Respiration/Abiotic Stress Tolerance   vajira.wanniarachchi@flinders.edu.au 305 Soole
Nick Warnock Aspartic Protease Biochemistry 15436 warn0055@flinders.edu.au 335 Anderson
Karina Winn* Marine Biology (based in Queensland)   karina.winn@flinders.edu.au   Mitchell/Miller
Caroline Wohlfeil Ecology of Sleepy Lizard and Ticks 15352 caroline.wohlfeil@flinders.edu.au 150 Bull
Lexi Young Environmental biotechnology 17961 alexandra.young@flinders.edu.au


Nikki Zanardo Ecology of Bottlenose Dolphins in SA 12357 nikki.zanardo@flinders.edu.au 153 Moller/Parra