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The Lincoln Marine Science Centre is located at Kirton Point in Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is a town of about 13,000 people at the base of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

The town is located on the shore of Boston Bay, just outside the Lincoln National Park.
With its temperate climate, picturesque scenery, national parks, and abundant marine life, the region is a highly-regarded tourist destination.

Port Lincoln is somewhat isolated - it is a 650 km (400 mile) drive from the nearest major city of Adelaide. However, it is only about 50 minutes away from Adelaide by plane, and there are several flights each day. Despite its popularity with tourists the Port Lincoln region has a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and even in summer finding a deserted beach is not difficult.

Accommodation & services

View of Port Lincoln Port Lincoln has numerous hotels, motels, caravan parks & camping areas, and many styles of holiday accommodation. The LMSC is located right next to one of the larger caravan parks which has on-site vans, camping areas and holiday cabins. The town also boasts:

  • huge safe boating harbour (well-serviced, for both commercial & recreational craft)
  • leisure/sports centre (with pool, water-slide, basketball stadium & gym)
  • cinema
  • boat tours (to the many local islands, marine viewing platform, tuna farms, etc)
  • yachting holidays
  • 4WD tours & safaris
  • boat fishing safaris
  • all the usual services you would expect in a regional centre
  • a number of marine suppliers and service organisations, to cater for the numerous commercial and recreational vessels

For further information please refer to the Eyre Peninsula tourism web site.