The 20th International Workshop on Inelastic Ion-Surface Collisions (IISC-20) will be held in the coastal region of the Fleurieu Peninsula close to Adelaide in South Australia.

16-21st February 2014

The conference will start with a Welcome early Sunday evening and close on the following Friday at 12 pm.

The workshop covers the fundamental aspects of the inelastic interactions of particles with surfaces. It includes the following topics:
• Energy loss of particles at surfaces
• Charge exchange between particles and surfaces
• Electron, photon and secondary ion emission due to particle impact on surfaces
• Ion induced desorption, electronic and kinetic sputtering
• Defect formation, surface modification and nanostructuring
• Laser induced desorption
• Scattering of atoms, ions, molecules and clusters
• Sputtering, fragmentation, cluster and ion formation in SIMS and SNMS
• Cluster/Molecular and highly charged ion beams