The RACI Research and Development Topics conference was founded in 1992 by Professor Neil W. Barnett of Deakin University. Based initially on the Analytical Research Forum run by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, RACI R&D Topics was first held in 1993 at Deakin. It has since grown to include fifteen universities from across Australia, attracting in excess of 100 delegates annually.

RACI R&D Topics conference is organized primarily by postgraduate students of the hosting university. It provides an opportunity for honours, masters, PhD students and early researchers in industry to present research in the fields of analytical and/or environmental chemistry at a highly regarded meeting.

In its 22nd year the RACI R&D Topics conference continues to showcase the current and developing research of Australia’s newest scientific minds.






1993 Deakin University, Victoria
1994 Universityof Canberra, ACT
1995 University of Newcastle, New South Wales
1996 RMIT, Victoria 
1997 Deakin University, Victoria 
1998 University of Tasmania, Tasmania 
1999 UNSW, New South Wales 
2000 Charles Sturt University, New South Wales 
2001 RMIT, Victoria 
2002 Deakin University, Victoria 
2003 University of Western Sydney, New South Wales 
2004 University of Melbourne, Victoria 
2005 Monash University, Victoria 
2006 University of Wollongong, New South Wales 
2007 Flinders University, South Australia 
2008 Macquarie University, New South Wales 
2009 Griffith University, Queensland 
2010 University of Tasmania, Tasmania 
2011 La Trobe University, Victoria 
2012 Deakin University, Victoria 
2013 Australian National University, ACT 
2014 Flinders University, South Australia