Held Fridays at 1 pm in room 2105 Physical Sciences unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker  Topic

1pm Fri Sept 30 2016
Room 2105 

Muthuraman Namasivayam
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

High thermal conductive polymer solar cell based on Functionalized Carbon nanotube/ Polymer composites

MuthuAbstract (PDF 59KB)

1pm Fri Oct 7 2016
Room 2105 




Daniel Wright




Jesse Daughtry

 Calibration of Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroradiometer for Remote Signature Measurement

Wright Abstract (PDF 120KB)


Interactions and electronic structure of atomically precise nanoclusters on metal oxide supports

Daughtry Abstract (PDF 79KB)

1 pm Fri
Oct 21 2016
Room 2105 

Sam Pater

Scott Pye


1 pm Thurs
Oct 27 2016
Room 2105 

Prof Damien Arrigan
Nanochemistry Research Institure & Department of Chemistry
Curtin University 

Electrochemical adventures at liquid-liquid interfaces

Arrigan Abstract.pdf (PDF 104KB)  






Dr Dario Arrua
Foundation Fellow
Future Industries Institute


Synthesis and characterisation of porous materials for separation science

Arrua Abstract.pdf (PDF 103KB)  


Prof Daniel Shaddock


Detecting gravitational waves from the ground and space

Shaddock Abstract.pdf (PDF 102KB)  

Emma Kent
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University  

A forensic and mechanistic investigation of the Akabori Reaction

  Kent (PDF 424KB)


Prof Leslie Yeo
Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering
School of Engineering

Acoustofluidics: Manipulating Fluids at the Microscale and Nanoscale for Biomedical Applications

Yeo Abstract.pdf (PDF 105KB)

Joshua Gebhardt
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Beating The Heat. Novel Synthesis of Triazole and Tetrazole Based Compounds For Use In Spectrally Matched IR Pyrotechnic Countermeasure Formulations

Gebhardt Abstract.pdf (PDF 102KB)  

Prof Sarani Zakaria
School of Applied Physics
Faculty of Science and Technology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Selangor, MALAYSIA 


  Zakaria Abstract.pdf (PDF 77KB)


Prof. K. Swaminathan Iyer ARC Future Fellow and Leader: UWA-BioNano Initiative
Deputy HoS, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Western Australia  

Adaptive Redesign in Nanoscale Drug Delivery:
Overcoming the Obstacles from Chemotherapy to Genome Engineering

Iyer Abstract.pdf (PDF 121KB)


Prof Jeffrey R Reimers
International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures
Shanghai University, China
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University of Technology Sydney 

DAVID CRAIG LECTURE 2016: Basic Chemical Theory is Critical to Understanding Nanoparticle Synthesis, 2D Nanostructures, and Photosynthetic Function

Reimers Abstract.pdf (PDF 138KB)


Joshua Britton
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Organic and biochemical multistep transformations using continuous flow vortex fluidics

Britton Abstract.pdf (PDF 104KB)  


Thaar Alharbi
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University

Processing nano - carbon under shear stress 

Alharbi Abstract.pdf (PDF 155KB)