Held Mondays at 1pm in room 2105 Physical Sciences unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker  Topic
1pm Mon April 3
Room 2105
Prof Francesca Iacopi
Faculty of Engineering & IT
University of Technology Sydney 

Graphene on Silicon: Towards the ultimate miniaturization of an IoT node

Iacopi Abstract (PDF 102KB)  

1pm Mon April 10
Room 2105 
Prof Kylie Catchpole
Research School of Engineering
Australian National University 

To be advised 

1pm Wed
April 12
Room 2105 
Professor David Jamieson
ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum, Computation and Communication Technology
School of Physics
University of Melbourne 

Quantum computer devices built from implanted single atoms

Jamieson Abstract.pdf (PDF 104KB)  

1 pm Tues April 18
Room 2105 
Dr Pushpendra Kumar
Department of Physics
Manipal University

Functionalised Porous Silicon for Energy Storage Applications

Kumar Abstract.pdf (PDF 103KB)  

1 pm Wed April 19
Room 2105 
Dr Ranjit Thapa
SRM Research Institute & Department of Physics and Nanotechnology
SRM University

Descriptor and indicator for sp2 hybridized carbon based catalyst

Thapa Abstract.pdf (PDF 125KB)  

2:30 pm Mon April 24
South Theatre 1 
Dr Goncalo Bernardes
Visiting International Research Fellow
University of Cambridge

To be advised 

1pm Mon May 1
Room 2105 
Dr Yu Lin Zhong
Centre for Clean Environment and Energy
Griffith University 

To be advised 

1pm Mon May 8
Room 2105
Dr Louis Adriaenssens
Joseph Banks Laboratories
University of Lincoln

To be advised 

1 pm Fri May 12
Room 2105 
Assoc Professor Prashant Sonar
School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
Queensland University of Technology 

π-Functional Organic Semiconductor Molecular Engineering for High Performance Organic Electronic Devices 

Sonar Abstract.pdf (PDF 148KB)

1pm Mon May 22
Room 2105 
Dr Craig Priest
University of South Australia 

To be advised 

12pm Mon July 17
Room 2105 
Prof Dragana Maric
Institute of Physics 

To be advised 





Dr Tomohiko Yamazaki
National Institute for Materials Science

Enhancement of the Immunostimulatory Activity of Natural Phosphodiester-based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides

Yamazaki Abstract.pdf (PDF 131KB)  

Prof Thomas Nann
The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand

How to make InP quantum dots in Australia

Nann Abstract.pdf (PDF 124KB)


Prof Philip Chan
Professor of Sustainable Chemistry
Monash University 

Exploiting the Gold Catalysed Reactivity of 1,n-Diyne Esters for Complex Molecule

PWHChan-Flinders-Abstract.pdf (PDF 231KB)

Prof Mats Andersson
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Design and synthesis of pi-conjugated polymers and interlayer materials for polymer solar cells

Andersson Abstract.pdf (PDF 80KB)

Professor Philip Doble
Director Elemental Bio-Imaging
School of Mathematiacal and Physical Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney


Bio-Imaging by laser ablation - inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)  Doble Abstract (PDF 78KB)