Held Mondays at 2 pm in room 2105 Physical Sciences unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker  Topic

2pm Mon. July 4 2016
Room 2105 

Assoc Prof Eric Waclawik
School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
Queensland University of Technology 

Colloidal Semiconductor-Metal Nanocrystals with Large Optical Nonlinearities

Waclawik Abstract.pdf (PDF 80KB)

1pm Fri.
July 29 2016
Room 2105

Professor Richard Tilley
Electron microscopy Unit
Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre and
School of Chemistry
University of New South Wales 

Solution Synthesis and electron microscopy characterization of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanostructures for catalysts and as MRI contrast agents

Tilley Abstract.pdf (PDF 119KB)  





Dr Yuan Mei
CSIRO minerals and
Monash University  

Chemical Processes of Ore Formation – Applying Chemistry in Earth Sciences

Yuan Mei Abstract.pdf (PDF 81KB)  

Dr Fiona J Beck
FERL Fellow
Research School of Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Australian National University  

Nanostructured Optoelectronic Devices: Manipulating light on the nanoscale

Beck Abstract (PDF 103KB)


Caroline Watson
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Unveiling Reflectance Infrared Micro-Spectroscopy Effects for Analysis of Vehicle Paints Using A Novel Correction Algorithm

Watson Abstract.pdf (PDF 123KB)


Dr Shashank Priya ICTAS and Mechanical Engineering Virginia Tech Virginia, USA 


High Power Density Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems

Priya Abstract.pdf (PDF 120KB)  

Prof Lianzhou Wang
Nanomaterials Centre
School of Chemical Engineering
University of Queensland

Designing semiconductor metal oxides for photoelectrochemical application

Wang Abstract (PDF 132KB)  

Kasturi Vimalanathan
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University  

Vortex fluidics manipulation of nanocarbon

Vimalanathan Abstract (PDF 79KB)


Dr Elizabeth New
Sydney University  

Molecular imaging tools for the study of oxidative stress and metal ions in biology

New Abstract (PDF 106KB)


Dr PR Selvakannan
Research Fellow
School of Sciences

Metal nanostructures for heterogeneous catalysis and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Applications

Selvakannan Abstract.pdf (PDF 104KB)


Simon Bou
PhD Student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Polymer Bio-conjugates: Conjugation-Chemistry, Control and Design for Nanotechnology Applications

Bou Abstract (PDF 384KB)


Tom Grace
PhD Students
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Flinders University 

Investigating the Effect of Carbon Nanotube Diameter and Wall Number in Carbon Nanotube/Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Tom Grace Abstract (PDF 77KB)


Dr Judy Hart
School of Materials Science and Engineering

Design of novel photocatalysts from first principles: Solid solutions with tunable bandgaps

Judy Hart (PDF 107KB)


Hassan Alqahtani
Sally Doolette,    PhD Students Flinders University


Chractrization of Au9 –nanocluster deposited on titania surfcae by using spectroscopic and microscopic techniques

   Alqahtani Abstract2.pdf (PDF 409KB)

Dr Charles Cranfield
University of Technology Sydney


Tethered Bilayer Lipid Membranes (tBLM) and Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS): A Robust Tool to Study Antimicrobial Peptides, Ion Channels and Membrane Electroporation