Vibrational-electronic studies of molecules under auroral and ionospheric conditions

( L. Campbell, M. J. Brunger, P. J. O. Teubner and D. C. Cartwright [Los Alamos National Laboratories, USA].)

Using a high-resolution electron monochromator, in a crossed beam configuration, we have previously made detailed measurements of cross sections for electron impact scattering from molecules such as N2, CO, NO and O2. These measurements have been for elastic scattering, vibrational excitation and electronic-state excitation. Currently we are looking at vibrational-electronic studies of molecules under auroral and ionospheric conditions:

An updated and refined version of our statistical equilibrium code has been developed and is awaiting application to N2 under auroral and then ionospheric conditions. This code takes cross sections measured at Flinders, and elsewhere, and applies them with other spectroscopic information to look at and try and understand natural phenomena of scientific interest. It is a small step towards establishing a practical atomic and molecular physics modelling capability at Flinders.