Energetic Materials Technology for Australia's Security and Prosperity - Partnerships, Communications and Knowledge Sharing

When: September 26-28, 2016

Where: Flinders in The City, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia

Hosted by: Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials 

Keynote Speaker:  To be advised

Programme: 5th AEMS programme TBA


The 5th Australian Energetic Materials Symposium will bring together interested individuals from a variety of backgrounds including academia, defence, industry, regulatory, policing as well as research and development. The discussions will be wide ranging with focuses on areas such as cutting edge research, current Australian issues, mechanisms to share information, novel applications in all areas of energetic materials (defence, mining, safety etc.). Previous symposia have been run in alternate years to PIRARI (2008, 2010 and 2012 and 2014) either at Flinders University or DST Group, Edinburgh.  The Flinders in The City Venue is ideally located to a range of accommodation and places of interest.  These symposia play a major role in establishing an energetic materials community in Australia with wide ranging and forward looking interests.

A Flinders University 50th Anniversary Event

Call for Papers and Posters

Check back in early 2016


Check back in early 2016


Check back in early 2016


Please email all enquiries to:  CEEM@flinders.edu.au