Energetic Materials Technology for Australia's Security and Prosperity - Partnerships, Communications and Knowledge Sharing

When: September 26-28, 2016

Where: Flinders in The City, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia

Hosted by: Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials 

Keynote Speakers:  Prof. Jimmie Oxley, University of Rhode Island, Center of Excellence in Explosives Detection, Mitigation and Response and Prof. Arian van Asten, Netherlands Forensic Institute and University of Amsterdam. 

Programme: 5th AEMS programme TBA


A Flinders University 50th Anniversary Event 

Symposium Focus Areas

  1. Energetic Detection, Characterisation and Forensic Examination
  2. Advanced Manufacturing:  New Technologies and Approaches for Energetic Manufacturing
  3. Nano Energetics:  Opportunities and Challenges of Nano-Energetics
  4. Green Energetics:  Novel Chemical Approaches to Address Environmental Regulations
  5. Advanced Materials for Energetic Applications
  6. Explosives Safety, Training and Lessons Learnt  

Call for Papers and Posters

Opens 10 June 2016

Submission of abstracts extended to 29 July 2016

Presenters notified 5 August 2016


Opens 10 June 2016

Closes 19 September 2016


5th AEMS 26-28 September 2016


Please email all enquiries to:  CEEM@flinders.edu.au