Since its foundation, Flinders University has been known for excellence in research. It maintains a high level of support for research in all science areas, including Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Science, Nanotechnology and Microscopy.

Our research publications consistently enjoy high citation rates and stimulate collaboration with researchers in Australia and overseas.

The chemical and physical sciences research facilities are among Australia's best, and make Flinders University an ideal location for research both in the laboratory and in the field.

The College of Science and Engineering has an Early Career Group which supports research associates and post-doctoral students by conducting regular meetings and information sharing sessions.

Centres of Research Focus

Facilities and Equipment

Major areas of research interest


Forensic Science




Our Chemistry research page has more information on the following areas of research.
  • Surface chemistry
  • Functional molecular architecture
  • Surface mounted molecules
  • Energetic materials
  • Lipid bilayer architectures
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Potentially portable technologies
  • Synthesis of natural products
  • Radioanalytical chemistry
  • Smart surface structures
  • Advanced analytical techniques
Our Forensic Science research page has more information on the following areas of research.
  • Synthesis of impurities found in clandestine laboratories
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Potentially portable technologies
  • Advanced analytical techniques
The Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology researching robust solutions to the challenges facing Australia in the general areas of:
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Security
Our Physics research page has more information on the following areas of research.
  • Atomic and molecular physics
  • Molecular structure of soft matter Surfaces
  • Theoretical nuclear/elementary Particle physics
  • Condensed matter/many-body physics
  • Process physics
  • Dynamical 3-space
  • Biological sensors and bioenergetics
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Smart surface structures
Flinders Microscopy has some of the best and latest equipment available for:
  • Confocal laser scanning microscopy
  • Fluorescence and Brightfield microscopy
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopy
  • Atomic force, raman and scanning tunnelling microscopy (AFM)/(STM)