Dean   Prof John F. Roddick
Deputy Dean   Prof Karen Reynolds
Associate Dean (Academic)   A/Prof Kenneth Pope
Associate Dean (Research)   Prof Mark Taylor
Associate Dean (International)   Prof David Powers
Discipline Leaders    
Biomedical Engineering   Prof Karen Reynolds
Civil Engineering   Prof Rocco Zito
Electrical and Electronic Engineering   A/Prof Kenneth Pope
Information Technology and Software Engineering   A/Prof Paul Calder
Mathematics and Statistics   Prof Jerzy Filar
Mechanical Engineering   Prof Mark Taylor
Research Centre Directors    
Medical Device Research Institute   Prof Karen Reynolds
Flinders Mathematical Sciences Laboratory   Prof Jerzy Filar
Flinders Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure   Prof Rocco Zito
Flinders Centre for Knowledge and Interaction Technologies   Prof David Powers
Flinders Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging   A/Prof Karl Sammut
Manager, School Administration   Deb Ophof
Manager, Engineering Technical Services   Geoff Cottrell
Manager, Computing Services (ITS)   Murray Rogers
Directors of Study / Course Coordinators    
Biomedical Engineering   Dr Sherry Randhawa (Director of Studies)
    Dr David Hobbs (Deputy Director of Studies)
Civil Engineering   Prof Rocco Zito (Director of Studies) pro tem
Design and Innovation   A/Prof Sandy Walker (Director of Studies)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering   Dr Nasser Asgari (Director of Studies)
    A/Prof Fangpo He (Deputy Director of Studies)
    Dr Jimmy Li (Deputy Director of Studies)
Information Technology and Software Engineering   Dr Shaowen Qin (Director of Studies)
    Dr Mariusz Bajger (Deputy Director of Studies)
    Dr Carl Mooney (Deputy Director of Studies)
Mechanical Engineering    Dr John Costi (Director of Studies - Mechanical)
    Dr Stuart Wildy (Deputy Director of Studies - Mechanical)
Mathematics and Statistics   A/Prof Alan Branford (Director of Studies)
    Dr Gobert Lee (Deputy Director of Studies)
Naval Architecture   A/Prof Karl Sammut (Course Coordinator)
Research Higher Degree   A/Prof Paul Calder (Director of Higher Degree Research Studies)
    A/Prof Murk Bottema (Deputy Director of Higher Degree Research Studies)
    A/Prof Fangpo He (Deputy Director of Higher Degree Research Studies)

School Office


Flinders at Tonsley
1284 South Road
Level 3,
Tonsley Building 1
Flinders University
South Road
Tonsley  SA 5042

First Year Undergrads at Bedford Park

Level 2,
Information Science & Technology Building
Sturt Road
Bedford Park  SA 5042

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Map reference: J15 (Building 57)
Nearest car park: 15
Hours of business: 08:45 -1700 during normal business days