Civil Engineering

There are few areas of modern society where civil engineers have not had an impact. Civil engineers develop and maintain a wide variety of physical infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, airports, roads, railways, ports, mine sites, water and wastewater supply, treatment and reuse systems. They also help to maintain sustainable natural environments.

They are highly creative and innovative problem solvers who design, construct, manage, maintain, or rehabilitate all aspects of this infrastructure. The technical solutions developed by civil engineers must take into consideration social, environmental and financial constraints. They must work closely with architects, planners and the community to ensure that what is constructed is what is needed. And unlike many disciplines, the fruits of civil engineering often last a very long time.

Civil engineering graduates are in great demand with career destinations including building and construction, transport and the mining industries.

Flinders' Civil Engineering

South Australia's expansion of its resources will demand not only high-level mining and geological expertise but also substantial infrastructure. This infrastructure - transport, housing, water, ports, pipelines, etc. - will be designed and built by civil engineers.

At Flinders we aim to provide broad-based civil engineering qualifications that will enable graduates to work across a range of disciplines.  The courses thus have four main themes - structures, transport, water and geomechanics.  The program structure reflects this and, after fundamental study in engineering design and principles in first year, provides study in each area from second year to fourth year. Fourth year also provides capstone studies and electives in civil engineering. It also requires the completion of a major civil engineering thesis. Students who maintain a credit average through the program are awarded a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with Honours.

In research we are building the research necessary to provide solutions to the infrastructure problems faced by South Australia's growing resources industry.

Career information for civil engineers

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Courses in Civil Engineering

Flinders offers a full range of awards in civil engineering from an accredited Bachelor Honours degree through an accredited masters degree by coursework and research higher degrees at masters and doctoral level.

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