Computer and Network Systems Engineering

Computer and Network Systems Engineering has emerged from the fusion of Computer Science with Network and Telecommunication Systems and Electronic Engineering.  This branch of Engineering looks at the way computer systems are developed and applied, and considers everything from the design of digital integrated circuits, through how they communicate to construction of smart (i.e. self-monitoring and self-regulating) instrumentation.

Computer and Network Systems Engineering thus focuses on developing the specialised skills involved in designing and analysing networked hardware systems and algorithms for products such as PDAs, mobile phones and games machines, through to aircraft flight control systems, unmanned vehicles, super computers and global telecommunications systems.

computer circuit board Career information for computer and network systems engineers

There is already a substantial shortage of electronic (including computer and network systems) engineers in South Australia.  South Australia's Technology Industry Association (TIA) indicates that the electronics-based industries will continue to grow rapidly with a sustainable growth rate of 20% per year and with exports in excess of $1 billion per annum.

The Electronics and IT sectors together employ about 18,000 people in South Australia.
However, the electronics industry strategic plan also identifies the shortage of skilled personnel as the most significant factor that could limit the growth and development of SA's electronics industry (source: TIA).

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