Engineering Science

Engineering science covers both the fundamental underpinning science and specific engineering domain knowledge.  At Flinders we use the term engineering science to denote those awards that can also act as a pathway to full, accredited engineering awards.

Bachelor of Engineering Science

This course equips graduates with the knowledge to become engineering scientists and enables students without the prerequisite mathematics and physics to undertake studies to enable transfer to the University's Engineers Australia accredited awards.

There are a number of specialisations, including:

The course has significant commonality with the Bachelor of Engineering degrees meaning that students who are performing well and wish to transfer to the Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering Technology degrees can do so with minimal loss of time. Students who satisfy the SACE mathematics prerequisite and are planning to undertake a specialisation in Biomedical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical or Software Engineering should consider also the accredited Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science

This award has been constructed to allow science, medical science and computing graduates to enter a Flinders University Master of Engineering and thus become an accredited professional engineer.  The award is structured to provide students with the necessary knowledge to undertake advanced engineering study. The two Master of Engineering awards available are

Courses offered: