Computer Science

Computer Science is the study and creation of computational systems, as well as specialised areas such as operating systems, networks, databases, graphics, data security and artificial intelligence.

This award provides students with a broad background in the theory and practice of programming and computer systems, allowing students to develop technical expertise, professional skills and a depth of knowledge. Computer science professionals (and computer science courses) can be distinguished from information systems professionals (and our information technology course) by the extent to which the focus is on the computer as a sophisticated tool rather than as a component of a solution to a broader information problem.

Students gain a strong theoretical understanding and practical experience in the design of efficient reliable software and hardware to meet industry requirements. There is a strong emphasis both on the fundamentals of computing and on practical skills and teamwork. An honours year is available to students who complete the course with a credit average or better. 

Computer science is centred on the core computing technologies, and knowledge of general computing and introductory programming.  Computer scientists have strongly developed expertise in programming and software development, as well as key facets of computer systems and as such are highly and increasingly sought after. 

Some of the material in our courses is common to the Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Engineering (Software) courses and students can transfer between the two awards with minimal loss of time.  Throughout, students have the opportunity to participate in group projects, and presentations by guest lecturers who are computing and information technology professionals.

All Flinders' ICT degrees provide for an optional industry based practicum.  For the Bachelor of Computer Science this can be from 13 weeks to a full-year in industry.  Flinders computing students can thus complete their degree having gained first-hand industry experience.


  1. A  four year degree taking students through to honours level is available for students with an ATAR over 80 or those in the 3-year degree maintaining a credit average.
  2. A combined degree - Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) / Bachelor of Computer Science - is available for students interested in the intersection between Psychology and Computer Science.
  3. A new Master of Science (Computer Science) is also offered aimed at students whose first degree is in a computing related discipline.  (For those whose first degree is in another discipline, the School offers its highly regarded Master of Information Technology).

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