Software Engineering

Software engineering is a dynamic engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software products - from requirements to design and construction, from testing to maintenance and process management.  It was the first engineering degree in South Australia specifically created for students looking to work as professional software engineers and the first to be accredited with Engineers Australia.  The Bachelor of Engineering (Software) has full professional accreditation with both the Australian Computer Society and with Engineers Australia.

Combining the art and skill of engineering with the power of computing technology, software engineers develop apps and systems that meet the demands of the modern economy.  It is a future-oriented course that provides a solid foundation in the technical and professional skills and knowledge required to pursue a successful career, while also recognising that in a fast moving modern world graduates need to be professionally mobile and flexible.  Flinders software engineering enables students to choose a course of study with either an electronics or computer science focus.

Our courses focus on the systematic development of large-scale software systems, particularly those involving networked services and hardware interfaces. Students learn how to analyse, design, construct and test complex software systems, including embedded, distributed and real-time systems.

There is a strong emphasis on practical skills and teamwork. Students acquire the all-round skills required to work as software engineers, software developers, associate consultants, research and development graduates, research associates and software business entrepreneurs. Flinders graduate are in high demand, obtaining jobs in diverse areas including industry, business, government and services, entertainment, research and development.

All Flinders' engineering undergraduate degrees have a first year that includes substantial commonality.  This enables students who are performing well and who wish to transfer to other Bachelor of Engineering degrees to do so with minimal loss of time.

Courses offered: