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Mathematics is a vital life-skill.  Not only is it is widely used in science, engineering and technology, in estimating, modelling and forecasting, it is also used in other professions such as computer graphics, finance, economics, insurance and linguistics. In studying mathematics, students gain a firm foundation in the basic principles and techniques of modern mathematics, and understand how mathematics is applied.

Flinders University believes that mathematics is an essential component of a modern economy.  It underpins many essential disciplines and is an important life-skill. As such, we believe that it is vital we contribute to mathematics education and research, both through direct mathematics research and teaching and in its many other guises including biostatistics, epidemiology, and econometrics. 

Flinders has a proud history of mathematics and statistics teaching and research, counting amongst its alumni, Professor Terence Tao, UCLA Professor and Australia's only Fields Medal winner, and Rodney Brooks, Professor of Robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mathematics at Flinders is growing steadily.  The School has recently established the Flinders Mathematical Sciences Laboratory focussing on advances in modern applied and pure mathematics and their nexus.  Recent senior appointments in this area have strengthen the discipline and further expansion is expected in the future.

Research and Higher Degrees

Flinders research in mathematics and statistics can be found in many disciplines but is centred on the Flinders Mathematical Sciences Laboratory

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Courses in Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics has been one of the success stories for Flinders over the past few years. 

The mathematics awards at Flinders focus on giving a strong mathematics education covering all areas of mathematics but with a particular focus on modern applied mathematics - mathematics that can be used to solve today's problems. Thus the award is strongly oriented to looking at the practical application of mathematics in industrial, environmental, scientific and social contexts. Second, the award allows for topics taught by other disciplines that represent applications of mathematics such as in medicine (in epidemiology), in business (in econometrics), physics (in mathematical physics) and the environment (such as groundwater modeling).

The number of students taking at least one mathematics topic has trebled in the past four years and in 2013, Flinders approved the introduction of two new Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences awards to join the successful major in mathematics available in the Bachelor of Science. (For students without the necessary prerequisites for the BMathSc, there is a pathway through the Bachelor of Science).  In 2014 this was joined by a new combined degree Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences with Bachelor of Computer Science and in 2015 by a new Master of Science (Mathematics) by coursework and thesis.