To register for casual teaching in our School, please:

  • complete the  Casual Teaching Application 2 (PDF 64KB)  (recommend to open with Adobe Reader)
  • In the first instance, your application will be acknowledged by email, with subsequent contact dependent on the School's needs.

There are no deadlines to register, but timely registration for the following teaching periods increases your employment prospects.

 Summer Semester topics
December to FebruarySemester 1 topics
JuneNS2 Intensive Mode topics
June to JulySemester 2 topics

Maintaining an up-to-date register

All existing applications are removed from the register at the end of May and November each year. Prior to being removed existing applicants will be notified by email, and will need to send a new application to be included on the register for the next 6 months.

To be removed from the register before this date, or for queries related to the register, please contact Ms Megan Ottewell on 8201 5901 or send an email.

Information about specific topics

Queries about specific topics should be directed to the relevant Topic Coordinator as listed in the topic information.

You may register for any topic with the prefix COMP, ENGR, MATH, STAT or STEP but please note that not all topics will require casual teaching staff.

Topics known to require casual teaching staff

Topic CodeNameComments


Fundamental of Computing



Fundamentals of Information Communication Technology



Computer Programming 1

Computer Labs


Information Systems in Business



Computer Programming 2

Labs & Tutorials 


Digital Electronics

Labs & Tutorials


Professional Skills

Tutorials & Workshops


Engineering Design



Mathematics Fundamentals A



Mathematics Fundamentals B



Applied Statistics Laboratory

Computer Labs


First Year - Study Support Room



First Year - Study Support Room