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Below is a selection of news from or about the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics or the disciplines we cover.  Please contact us if you need any further information.  A short list of the achievements of the School's students, graduates and staff since 2006 can be found here

Flinders News - School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Flinders University has attracted a distinguished academic who has taught and researched at some of the world's leading universities to be its next Vice-Chancellor.
  • On May 7 teams of hackers from across the country will answer a call from the Australian Government to launch simultaneous attacks on the highly secure website of an Australian cyber security company. They will, with the full encouragement of the Government, test, then penetrate the company's security and gain access to its most confidential information - all within 24 hours.
  • Flinders University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will give the University an active collaborative role in two new Centres announced today by manufacturer Hills Ltd and the State Government.
  • The 45,000 sqm building, located at the opposite end of the main assembly plant from where Flinders University"s new building is currently being built, was formally opened by the Premier, Jay Weatherill, yesterday.
  • Flinders University has responded to strong demand for its undergraduate courses by boosting the number of offers by 7%.
  • "Orby" - a novel computer game controller that enables children with disabilities to play computer games - has won a prestigious state prize from the Design Institute of Australia.
  • Seeley International will partner with Flinders University and TAFE SA at Tonsley to establish a research and development centre for new energy efficient cooling and heating technologies.
  • With the celebration today of the International Day of People with Disability, Flinders University is continuing to work to make its steeply sloping site more accessible
  • A team of first-year students from CSEM has won the state final of the Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) Challenge
  • Broken or unwanted smartphones will be given a new lease of life, thanks to the efforts of Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen and his team
  • CSEM staff are named on Discovery, DECRA and LIEF grants worth over $1.4M in the latest grant round from the Australian Research Council.
  • Flinders Adjunct Associate Professor and former academic staff member Dr Jaroslav (Jerry) Kautsky has been awarded the Bernard Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merit in the Mathematical Sciences.
  • Working with Flinders biomechanics expert Dr John Costi in the University's Medical Device Research Institute, Ms Amin will simulate various motion and load conditions using the award winning Six Degree of Freedom Hexapod Robot.
  • We've done it again. For the 13th time in 18 years, a Flinders engineering student has won the SA and NT Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Rex Johns Presentation Prize.
  • Applications to study engineering at Flinders have spiked with a rise of around 25% recorded in first preferences through SATAC for 2014.
  • A CSEM team took first place in the South Australian Division in the recent South Pacific Programming Competition - part of the annual world-wide ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition.
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