This page contains links to a number of major projects including competition websites.  They are listed in alphabetical order.  An external website may be linked where there is no internal website.

Cyber Security Challenge Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA) is a series of national cyber security competitions for university/TAFE undergraduates across Australia Annual Competition
Flinders Hamiltonian Cycle Problem (FHCP) The FHCP is a team project that aims to exploit novel stochastic and deterministic techniques to (i) explain the underlying theoretical difficulty of the HCP, (ii) characterise classes of graphs that are particularly hard to solve and (iii) produce world-class algorithms that enable the efficient solution of most instance of the problem on graphs not exceeding 5000 vertices. Commenced at Flinders when Prof Filar started in 2011 and still active.
Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) This is a major project of the Medical Device Research Institute. It supports the development of cutting-edge medical devices through unique collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government. Launched in July 2008 and is still active.
Robot Competitions The School participates in a number of international competitions including the autonomous vehicle competition project.  
Serval Project Serval is a telecommunications system comprised of at least two mobile phones that are able to work outside of regular mobile phone tower range due thanks to the Serval App and Serval Mesh. Commenced in 2010 and still active.
South Pacific Programming Competition The South Pacific Programming Competition, which is held annually in September, is part of the prestigious  world-wide ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition.  The competition sees teams of 3 students compete to solve challenging computer programming problems over a 5-hour period.  CSEM is a regular host for the Adelaide competition site, which rotates between Flinders, Adelaide U. and UniSA.  The Adelaide Site Winner (currently a Flinders team) has the privilege of displaying the coveted Golden Ukulele until they can attempt to defend their title the following year. Annual Competition
Talking/Thinking/Teaching Head (TTTH) This is a multimillion dollar project that has been supported by a wide variety of ARC and other grants, with collaborators around Australia and Internationally. It provides intelligent talking head interfaces that are focussed on applications in assistive and educational technology.  Examples include a real estate agent to show you round a house, a companion to help elderly people at home or getting about town, a teacher to help children with disabilities learn important social skills, as well as versions used to help new students at Flinders learn about the campus and manage their studies. Ongoing research includes multimodal speech recognition and user interfaces – using lipreading and brainwave information for improved person-to-person style interaction with computers, phones and pads, as well as robots and wheelchairs.  Commenced in 2006 and still active, including start-up company
World Solar Challenge Established in 1987, the World Solar Challenge ( is a biennial solar car race that brings together teams from across the globe to traverse over 3000 km across the vast Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide. Flinders University will be taking on the challenge of entering a solar car in the Cruiser Class. The Cruiser Class brings together the regular aims of the solar car challenge coupled with the development of a road registered vehicle that has the potential to meet the requirements of the everyday road user. Biannual Competition