Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging

The Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control, and Imaging (CMECI) facilitates fundamental research in the broad field of autonomous systems.  Activities encompass fundamental contributions to control, estimation, image processing, structural analysis, robotics, and the design of novel embedded hardware.

Autonomous systems represent the fusion of mechanical machines, sensors, electrical systems, and embedded computing platforms to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with their challenging and complex real world environment. The central theme of this research centre is concerned with the development of autonomous systems that can sense their environment, identify system parameters, make independent intelligent decisions, and respond to changes in operating and environmental conditions.

CMECI specializes in the control of smart structures, maritime electronics, electrical systems, robotics, fatigue analysis, and video and image processing. The primary purpose of CMECI is to advocate and support a broad range of basic and applied interdisciplinary research activities that encompasses these fields. While a significant part of our work is focused on maritime robotics and electronics, members' research expertise and activities also extend to applications for science, security, and medicine and span all domains: water, land, air, and space.

Research programs

Within the Centre we have a number of long-term research programs that staff, visitors and higher degree research students contribute to.

Collectively, these programmes form a valuable platform underpinning academic research, undergraduate/postgraduate training, and industry collaborative activities in areas such as, robotics, surveillance, and defence.

Autonomous Robotic Competitions

CMECI students and staff are engaged in a number of autonomous ground vehicle and marine vehicle competitions. Further details about previous and current competitions can be found here.

Recent successes

  • Cassolato, B. S., Hansen, C. H., Zander, A. C., Hsu, H., Lin, G. C., He, F., Sammut, K. M. and Hearn, T. C. (2005). Scanning 3D laser vibrometer for non-contact in-plane and out-of-plane vibration measurement. ARC LIEF: $542,178.
  • Sammut, K. and He, F. (2008-2010). Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. CSIRO Wealth From Oceans Flagship: $3,500,000 ($409,000 to Flinders).

Further information

We would be happy to provide more information about the School's research programs, the opportunities for higher degree study and scholarship information.  For more information, please contact the Centre Director - A/Prof Karl Sammut - or the coordinators of the research theme you are interested in.

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