Autonomous Ground Vehicles Competition

In 2013 a team of students from Flinders University competed in the first Autonomous Ground Vehicles Competition (AGVC), an event jointly organised by the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) and the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research (CISR) at Deakin university.  A total of eleven teams from around Australia made it to the competition.

This field robotic competiton took place on an outdoor course populated with obstacles including barrels, flags and fences.  The competition robots were required to navigate arnound these obstacles while identifying and remaining within painted lines.

The team placed fourth overall and second in the design and report competition.  The knowledge gained from this competition will be invaluable for future autonomous robotics competitions

2013 agvc team members

AGVC team members 2013 (left to Right): Associate Professor Karl Sammut, Lee-Ying Wu,  Keelan Burns, Jonathan Wheare, Patrick Kloasen, Bradley Donnely, Rowan Pivetta, Micheal Cadzow, Derrick Kickel.

Not pictured: Dr. Andrew Lammas

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