RobotX 2014

Flinders University Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging (CMECI), in association with the University of Tasmania Australian Maritime College Autonomous Technology Society (AMCAT), will be entering a team into the 2014 Maritime RobotX competition.  This international competition will include fifteen teams from five countries including Singapore, US, Japan, South Korea and Australia.  They will be competing to produce a maritime robot based on the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) developed by Marine Advanced Research that will autonomously complete a number of tasks including navigation, localisation and image recognition.

The AMC will be bringing expertise in maritime engineering and construction, while CMECI will be contributing its knowledge of autonomy, sensor fusion and experience developed in previous competitions including the 2013 Autonomous Ground Vehicle Competition.

AUVSI have released a teaser video showing the WAM-V vehicle in operation:

 Head over to Our Vessel for detailed information on our competition boat.

Status Updates:

May Update:

The Development of the WAMV vehicle is continuing with the AMCAT society successfully testing the propulsion hulls and motors.  The vessel will shortly be shipped to Flinders where the sensors and control systems will be installed.  Development of these systems has been proceeding on the bench.

June Update

The vehicle has arrived at Flinders University.  Designs of the vehicle mountings are now being updated.



August Update:

The WAM-V spent several days at Science Alive this month

The vehicle has had it's sensors installed and batteries tested.  A full test of the system will occur shortly.



September update:

Final integration and testing of the vehicle is underway.  Additionally we have finished our light panel and are testing it with our camera system.


October update:

The vehicle has been packed and shipped for delivery to Singapore.  Its next reassembly will  be for the competition.





The Team

for more information on our team members, please visit our Team Members page.

Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging, Flinders University

Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania

Chief Faculty Adviser

Assoc. Professor Karl Sammut

Chief Faculty Adviser

Dr. Alexander Forrest

Student Team Leader

Jonathan Wheare

Software and Teleoperation

Russell Peake - group leader

Joshua Renfrey, Jonathan Wheare, Tobias Wooldridge

Mechanical, Control and Electrical

Tenzin Crouch - group leader

Matthew Anderson, Dr. Andrew Lammas,  Scott Stevens, Andrew Webb

Sensors and Classifiers

Bradley Donnely - group leader

Thomas Arbon, Rowan Pivetta

Faculty Advisers

Dr. Nasser Asgari , Mr. Richard Bowyer , Dr. Andrew Lammas , Dr. Jimmy Li , Dr. Sherry Randhawa

Student Team Leader

James Keane


Harry Hubbert, Reuben Kent,

Supun Randeni


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