This month, our WAMV and AGVC vehicle spent time at Science Alive a science fair like event. Our WAMV did not have the superstructure you see below attached at this time and this resulted in questions regarding solar panels being installed, or where people are meant to sit.

Following the Science Alive event, time was spent creating the superstructure needed to hold all the sensors our vehicle will have. The image below shows mounts for:

  • GPS (top of image)
  • Radar
  • Camera
  • Lidar and tilting mechanism

Also in the picture is the starboard linear actuator which will be used for turning. Below the payload tray, you can see brackets which will be used for supporting the sonar deployer.

Also performed during this time was development on the LeddarTek IS-16 driver for ROS integration. Below are images of a test scene and a comparison between the included software and our own software, respectively.