May update:

The Development of the WAMV vehicle is continuing with the AMCAT society successfully testing the propulsion hulls and motors.  The vessel will shortly be shipped to Flinders where the sensors and control systems will be installed.  Development of these systems has been proceeding on the bench.

The sensor and associated component mountings are approaching final development stages. About half the mounts have engineering drawings ready for final approval and manufacture. The remaining components only require minor modifications before finalisation.  Additionally most orders are ready to be placed, though waterproofing still needs to be finalised for some components.

The hydrophone amplifier PCB which is currently under development will amplify the weak signals from the hydrophones then filter out any unwanted frequencies.  In operation, this will allow the localisation of the acoustic pinger.  Development of this system is underway with the final board layout now being performed.

We are in the process of developing shape and colour classifiers for the detection and localisation of buoys and symbols.  As seen in the included images, our buoy detector clearly recognises and differentiates between between large blobs of various colours under laboratory conditions.  This will soon be tested under field conditions.