The Women in Mathematics Dinner will be held on Sunday 27th September 2015, the night before AustMS 2015 begins, at the new Flinders University Tonsley Campus.


Event Women in Mathematics Dinner
Date Sunday 27th September 2015
Time 6:30pm for 6:45pm start
Venue Level 5, Flinders University Building @ Tonsley, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park, SA5042 (not to be confused with the location for the main AustMS2015 conference which is Flinders University Bedford Park campus starting from Monday)
Dress Code Smart Casual


If you have an enquiries about the Women in Mathematics Dinner, you should contact local organiser Gobert Lee.



   Public transport information



A number of bus routes go along South Road. The closest bus stops are 24A or 25.



Public Transport Information for Women in Mathematics Dinner




Taxi fare from the City or Glenelg is around $30. The concierge of your hotel can call a taxi for you.



The same Metroticket will work on the Adelaide Metro buses, trams and trains. Fares can be found at A regular single trip (valid for 2 hours and can be used on a combination of bus, tram and train within the 2 hours) costs $5.20 and can be purchased from the bus driver.

If staying in Glenelg


Take the 5pm tram departs from the Mosely Square terminus (G) (at the seafront in front of Glenelg jetty and next to the Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel). Later trams are at 5-30pm and 6pm.

Alight the tram at stop 6 (B) above South Road. (Time 5:17pm; Later trams arrive at 5:47 pm and 6:17pm respectively). Walk in the same direction as the tram to the end of the platform, and take the lift (or stairs if you prefer) down to street level. You are on the east side of south road. Bus stop 7 is right in front of you. Bus 721 should arrive at about 5:30pm. (Later is bus 720H at 6:04pm, later still is bus 721 at about 6:30 pm). Get on it, and alight it at stop 24A (X) . Use the pedestrian crossing (just a few meters south of stop 24A) to cross South road. The six story Flinders University building at Tonsley is unmistakable. Welcome.

Note: On Sunday evening, the tram is every 15 minutes. But the bus on South road (alternately no. 721 or 720H) is only every 30 minutes.

Note (X): The Women in Mathematics Dinner will be held at Flinders University’s new Tonsley Building (X), not to be confused with Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus (Y) where the main AustMS conference will be held from Monday 28th Sept to Thursday 1st Oct.  






If staying in the city


Bus 721 leaves stop A1 (C) on King William Road in the City just North of North Terrace opposite to the Adelaide Festival Centre at 5:13pm. Bus 720H leaves stop A1 at 5:43pm. Both buses move south on King William Road. They proceed past Victoria Square, continue across to South road, and both can be alighted at stop 24A (X) as indicated above.


To get back to your accommodation after the Dinner


Begin by walking to South Road and then turn left to bus stop 24A. Catch the bus 721 at 9:45 pm or bus 720H at 10:16pm. Both buses go to the city.

If you wish to go to Glenelg, alight the bus at stop 7, (which is directly underneath the tram lines, ascend the elevator to tram stop 6. The tram service to Glenelg is every 20 minutes from 9:01pm at tram stop 6.