Delegates and guests will have the option of attending a tour and wine tasting of the history 1847 Winery, located approximately one hour from Adelaide in our iconic and beautiful Barossa Valley.


Places are limited so you will need to RSVP by contacting Michael Haythorpe as early as possible.


Date Tuesday 29th September 2015
Time  10am - 4pm
Cost  $70 (includes a bottle of wine of your choice)


The Wine Tour includes:


Chateau Yaldara Historical Guided Tour

Company Introduction

1847 Winery is situated in the iconic South Australian wine region of the Barossa just one hour drive from the sates capital city of Adelaide.

Life in the Barossa is an epicurean delight of artisan food and hand-crafted wines, enjoyed in the company of friends. Chateau Yaldara & 1847 Wines provides the perfect meeting place for family and friends to come together to taste the essence of this unique region. 

Situated just outside the southern Barossa township of Lyndoch, the iconic Chateau Yaldara was founded in 1947 by Hermann Thumm after he migrated to Australia from Europe. He named it “Yaldara” after a local aboriginal word meaning “sparkling”, which refers to the North Para river that runs through the property. Today, estate grown, hand-crafted wines, locally produced artisan foods and a truly Barossan visitor experience keep Hermann’s vision alive.

Blending Cellar

The blending cellar is situated in the building across the driveway.  This area holds our tawny collection. These large barrels are made from old French oak imported from France and range from 70-100 years of age.  The smaller barrels on top hold around 300 litres and the larger barrels approximately 6,000 litres.  We have a wonderful collection of tawny’s which we have inherited from Mr Thumm’s time.  We have 7 yr, 20yr, 30yr and 40 year in barrel.

The Jarrah Hall

The large vats are made from Western Australian Jarrah which is one of the hardest woods in the world.  Again these vats hold fortified wine and each holds 30,000 litres.  They were built on site in the 1960’s and are periodically drained and steam cleaned.  A mixture of bees wax and paraffin is used to coat and seal the inside.  Many of the older wineries use Jarrah barrels to hold fortified and some red wines that no longer need oak influence.


Maturation Area

We hold a mixture of American, French and Hungarian oak in this area. 

American oak comes in staves and hoops and are assembled on site.  An American oak barrel costs around $1000, French oak barrels come ready made and are about $1500 each with Hungarian approximately $1200.


Carved Barrel Hall

These barrels were sourced from Magill Estate in Adelaide (we believe their origins were from Spain) when Penfolds ceased making Sherry.  These barrels hold a variety of fortified wine from 20yr, 30yr and 40yr tawny.  We believe the carvings were done in Bavaria over 100 years ago but are not certain of their value. 

Many years ago in Europe small children were sent in through the bottom door of these large barrels with a candle and a brush to clean the inside of the barrel.


Bottle Tunnels

Upon completion of the Chateau, bottles were stored throughout the tunnels five deep, holding approximately 750,000 bottles.  Bottles were kept in the tunnels until such time as orders needed to be dispatched; bottles were then picked, washed, sent off for labelling, put into cartons and dispatched.


Hermann Thumm’s Bar

This was used as a private tasting area where many ‘wine deals were sealed’ over a glass or two of port and the odd cigar.  Hermann also liked to host his customers and special visitors in the privacy of this secluded bar.  Show historical photos and conclude tour.



Wine Tasting

Attendees will have the option to taste wines from the following range available at the 1847 winery.


1847 Garden Collection

The 1847 Garden Collection comprises of a select range of wines crafted from premium Barossa Valley vineyards to create fresh vibrant styles that meant to be shared with good food and friends.

1847 Pappy's Collection

The 1847 Pappy’s Collection comprises of a select range of wines crafted from our premium estate vineyards situated in the Rowland Flat sub region of the Barossa. Nestled at the foot of the Barossa Ranges, the Rowland Flat sub-region is located between the towns of Tanunda and Lyndoch and has an elevation of 294m (950ft) above sea level. The sub-region covers a small yet unique area and is noted for the bright red colour of its soils. The soils are mixed with a wide assortment of roughly rounded pebbles, many of which are granitic and not found anywhere else in the Barossa.

Yaldara Estate Collection

Surrounded by vineyards, the magnificent Yaldara Estate lies on a hill overlooking the region’s beautiful North Para River. The wines produced from this outstanding winery are among the regions finest. The Yaldara Estate winery sources select parcels of the finest fruit from premium winegrowing districts around South Australia.

Yaldara Ruban Collection

The Yaldara Ruban Collection expresses purity of vineyard and variety through traditional artisan winemaking. These wines are crafted from premier wine growing districts with the aim to produce styles that reflect the structure and integrity of the old world while retaining the clean vibrant character of the new world.

Yaldara Reserve Collection

The Yaldara Reserve Collection is crafted from South Australia’s pedigree wine growing districts with the aim to produce wines that excel in varietal character and regional integrity.

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