1. to provide practical statistical solutions to challenging problems arising in industry, business, health and other organisations especially in South Australia.
  2. to build research collaborations internally within Flinders University and externally with industry, business, health and other organisations in South Australia, leading to research publications or research grants.

We offer consulting services in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Design and analysis of experiments and surveys; Statistical modelling and general data analysis; Methodological research; Help in use of statistical software involving R, JMP, WinBUGS, MINITAB, SPSS
  • Bayesian theory and modelling; Time series analysis and forecasting; Computational statistics; Stochastic processes; Financial time series
  • Statistical modeling in Medical Image; Cluster analysis
  • Multivariate statistical analysis; Survival data analysis; Probability theory and modelling

Staff Profiles

Dr Darfiana Nur. Her research interests include nonlinear time series modelling and analysis; Bayesian regime switching and volatility modelling; Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) related algorithms and its convergence diagnostics; DNA sequence modelling in Bioinformatics; Bayesian Hidden Markov Models (Bayesian HMMs) in Genetics.

Dr Gobert Lee. Her research interests in statistics are in the fields of experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining, classification, clustering analysis, pattern recognition and statistical inference. She is also actively involved in the fields of bioimage informatics and medical image analysis with focuses on breast cancer detection, whole-body CT image segmentation and computational human anatomy for radiation dose calculation.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Darfiana Nur

Telephone: (08) 820  13801

For routine statistical consulting services, the University provides assistance to academic staff and postgraduate students. The details of the service can be found at