The Flinders Mathematical Sciences Laboratory Seminar Series is a regular forum in which mathematical scientists present their work at Flinders University.


If you have any queries about the FMSL Seminar Series please contact the seminar chairperson Michael Haythorpe.


Upcoming Seminars

September 5th 2016 - Werner Ricker (Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstaadt, Germany). Formation of averages: a classical process. Werner Ricker (PDF 129KB)


Past Seminars

March 29th 2016 - Doug Cochran (Arizona State University, United States). Maximum-Likelihood Registration in Networks. Doug Cochran (PDF 104KB)
November 20th 2015 - Rada Pushkarova (University of Adelaide). Probabilistic Model of Floating Target Behaviour in Rough Seas. Rada Pushkarova (PDF 94KB)
November 12th 2015 - Nicoline den Breems (University of Dundee, Scotland). Mathematics, Mastitis, Macrophages, Melanoma and Modelling. Nicoline den Breems (PDF 204KB)
November 6th 2015 - Sergiy Kravchuk (Defence Science Technology Group). Combat Analysis: Could We Design Simple Predictive Models? Sergiy Kravchuk (PDF 110KB)
November 3rd 2015 - Vladimir Peller (Michigan State University, United States). Functions on Noncommuting Self-adjoint Operators Under Perturbation. Vladimir Peller (PDF 125KB)
August 6th 2015 - Chris Lennard (University of Pittsburgh). Reflexivity is Equivalent to the Perturbed Fixed Point Property for Cascading Nonexpansive Maps in Banach Lattices. Chris Lennard (PDF 82KB)
July 21st 2015 - Roger Cropp (University of Melbourne). Modelling Mixotrophy and Mutualism: the Missing Links in Ecological Interactions Roger Cropp (PDF 134KB)
July 14th 2015 - Doreen Thomas (University of Melbourne). The Value of Using Mathematics in Industry: Network Optimisation in Mining. Doreen Thomas (PDF 1449KB)
May 11th 2015 - Gary Froyland (University of New South Wales). Dynamics, Probability and Predictability. Gary Froyland (PDF 95KB)
May 1st 2015 - John Hearne (RMIT University). Modelling to Mitigate the Effects of Bushfires. John Hearne (PDF 107KB)
April 24th 2015 - Nurulla Azamov (Flinders University). A Matlab Based Language for Generating Randomized Multiple Choice Questions. Nurulla Azamov (PDF 94KB)
April 14th 2015 - Moshe Haviv (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel). Self-regulation in Queues. Moshe Haviv (PDF 108KB)
March 24th 2015 - Adil Bagirov (Federation University Australia). DP Programming: Optimality Conditions and Numerical Methods. Adil Bagirov (PDF 114KB)
November 7th 2014 - Jerry Kautsky (Flinders University). Numerical Problems with the Pascal Triangle in Moment Computation. Jerry Kautsky (PDF 123KB)
October 20th 2014 - Przemyslaw Pardel (University of Rzeszów, Poland). Application Software Using Elements of Automatic Understanding of Medical Images Based on the Data Sets and Domain Knowledge. Przemyslaw Pardel (PDF 115KB)
October 16th 2014 - Wojciech Rzasa (University of Rzeszów, Poland). On Some Generalization of Rough Set Theory. Wojciech Rzasa (PDF 115KB)
September 23rd 2014 - Nadezda Sukhorukova (Swinburne University of Technology) and Julien Ugon (Federation University Australia). Chebyshev Approximation by Polynomial Splines and Possible Generalisation for Multivariate Functions. Nadezda Sukhorukova and Julien Ugon (PDF 1293KB)
September 17th 2014 - Kerrie Mengersen (Queensland University of Technology). Grand Challenges in Bayesian Statistics. Kerrie Mengersen (PDF 90KB)
September 5th 2014 - Lars Grüne (University of Bayreuth, Germany). Performance Estimates for Model Predictive Control. Lars Grüne (PDF 122KB)
August 14th 2014 - Artem Pulemotov (University of Queensland). Boundary Value Problems for the Ricci Flow. Artem Pulemotov (PDF 129KB)
July 31st 2014 - Alan Carey (Australian National University). Scattering Theory and Noncommutative Geometry. Alan Carey (PDF 85KB)
July 29th 2014 - Ian Frigaard (University of British Columbia, Canada). Using Yield Stress Fluids to Control Interfaces: Forming and Encapsulating Flows. Ian Frigaard (PDF 111KB)
May 23rd 2014 - Lesley Ward (University of South Australia). Connections Between Continuous and Dyadic Function Spaces in Harmonic Analysis. Lesley Ward (PDF 173KB)
April 30th 2014 - Bill Moran (University of Melbourne). Tracking Rotations. Bill Moran (PDF 237KB)
April 10th 2014 - Phil Pollett (University of Queensland). Large Population Networks with Patch Dependent Extinction Probabilities. Phil Pollett (PDF 128KB)
April 4th 2014 - Fritz Colonius (University of Augsberg, Germany). Entropy Notions in Control. Fritz Colonius (PDF 120KB)
April 2nd 2014 - Georg Gottwald (University of Sydney). Homogenization for Deterministic Maps and Multiplicative Noise. Georg Gottwald (PDF 145KB)
March 19th 2014 - Hans Mittelmann (Arizona State University, United States). Computing Strong Bounds in Combinatorial Optimization. Hans Mittelmann (PDF 158KB)
November 1st 2013 - Victoria Martin Marquez (University of Seville, Spain). Split Feasibility Problem: Iterative Methods and Applications in Signal Processing. Victoria Martin Marquez (PDF 123KB)
October 23rd 2013 - Vera Roshchina (University of Ballarat). Nice and Facially Exposed Cones. Vera Roshchina (PDF 127KB)
September 24th 2013 - Fedor Sukochev (University of New South Wales). Krein's Trace Theorem Revisited. Fedor Sukochev (PDF 95KB)
August 13th 2013 - Zdravko Botev (University of New South Wales). Rare-event Probability Estimation and Convex Programming. Zdravko Botev (PDF 129KB)
August 2nd 2013 - Jim Hill (Adelaide University). Einstein's special relativity beyond the speed of light. Jim Hill (PDF 94KB)
June 18th 2013 - Graeme Wake (Massey University Auckland). Mathematics in Medicine: Enhancing Your Health. Graeme Wake (PDF 126KB)
June 4th 2013 - Tony Guttmann (University of Melbourne). Self-avoiding walks in a rectangular domain. Tony Guttmann (PDF 173KB)
May 1st 2013 - Miroslawa Zima (University of Rzeszów). Cone Compression and Expansion Fixed Point Theorem. Miroslawa Zima (PDF 126KB)
April 29th 2013 - Girish Nair (University of Melbourne). Elements of a Nonstochastic Information Theory. Girish Nair (PDF 131KB)
April 9th 2013 - Valeri Ougrinovski (University of New South Wales at ADFA). Consensus-based Robust Distributed Estimation. Valeri Ougrinoski (PDF 143KB)
April 3rd 2013 - Jacek Krawczyk (Victoria University of Wellington). Tool for Achieving Dynamic Systems' Sustainability. Jacek Krawczyk (PDF 128KB)
March 12th 2013 - Guy Latouche (Université Libre de Bruxelles). The deviation matrix, Poisson's equation, and QBDs. Guy Latouche (PDF 140KB)
February 20th 2013 - Jan Slovák (Masaryk University). The BGG-Sequences of Invariant Operators. Jan Slovák (PDF 138KB)
February 15th 2013 - Jan Slovák (Masaryk University). Basic Guide to Mathematics - The Courses to Match the Current Needs. Jan Slovák (PDF 139KB)
December 20th 2012 - Roman Dwilewicz (Missouri University of Science and Technology). Hartogs Type Holomorphic Extensions. Roman Dwiliwicz (PDF 106KB)
November 26th 2012 - Craig Bauling (Wolfram Research). Mathematica for the Classroom and Research. Craig Bauling (PDF 107KB)
November 22nd 2012 - Walter Murray (Stanford University). Arc Search Methods for Linearly Constrained Optimization. Walter Murray (PDF 130KB)
September 6th 2012 - Sanming Zhou (Melbourne University). Hamiltonicity of 3-arc graphs. Sanming Zhou (PDF 104KB)
August 10th 2012 - Prabhu Manyem (Shanghai University). Expressibility at the Machine Level versus Structure Level: ESO Universal Horn Logic and the Class P. Prabhu Manyem (PDF 354KB)
June 12th 2012 - Christine O'Keefe (CSIRO). Confidentialising statistical analysis outputs. Christine O'Keefe (PDF 125KB)
May 23rd 2012 - Eugene Feinberg (State University of New York at Stony Brook). Splitting Occupation Vectors in Finite Markov Decision Processes. Eugene Feinberg (PDF 125KB)
March 27th 2012 - Jim Denier (Adelaide University). Transient Flows, Singularities and Grand Challenges in Fluid Mechanics. Jim Denier (PDF 97KB)