The Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) is a uniquely multi-disciplinary research network that aims to be the national research leader in the medical devices industry.  The MDRI is a network of researchers, highly skilled in the development and application of a diverse range of medical technologies. This collaborative approach to the research for innovative solutions and services makes the MDRI ideal as a single site for product development and testing - taking projects from fundamental concepts right through to preliminary clinical trialing.

The MDRI includes more than fifty researchers and clinicians from Flinders University, Flinders Medical Centre and the Repatriation General Hospital.  The MDRI collaborates in research, development, application and commercialisation of medical devices and technologies to benefit the community.

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Research programs

Within the Institute we have a number of long-term research programs that staff, visitors and higher degree research students contribute to.

Associated undergraduate awards

The following undergraduate awards link directly to research within this Centre.

Recent grant successes

  • Reynolds, K. J., Fazzalari, N., Bottema, M., Hearn, T. C. and Cleek, T. M. (2006-2008). Bone remodelling algorithm. ARC Discovery: $270,000.
  • Reynolds, K., Owen, H. and Williamson, P. (2007-2009). ISim – a realistic intubation simulator using Virtual Reality technology. ARC Linkage: $195,000.
  • Voelcker, N., Shapter, J. and Reynolds, K. (2007-2009). Development of an implantable device to monitor lactate levels in blood. ARC Linkage: $255,000.
  • Reynolds, K. J. (2008-2011). Medical Device Partnering Program. Premier's Science & Research Fund: $625,000.
  • Reynolds, K. J. (2009-2011). The GPRWF endoscopic sinus surgery simulator. Garnett Passe & Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation: $300,000.
  • Reynolds, K., Costi, J., Fazzalari, N., Bottema, M. and Kotousov, A. (2010-2012). Project Grant Development and validation of a finite element model for orthopaedic screw insertion into trabecular bone. NH&MRC: $466,325.

Further information

We would be happy to provide more information about the School's research programs, the opportunities for higher degree study and scholarship information. For more information, please contact the Institute Director - Professor Karen Reynolds - or the coordinators of the research program you are interested in.