Transport Systems Centre

The Flinders Transport Systems Centre (FTSC) is an international centre of excellence for multi-disciplinary study of the economic, operational, social and environmental issues associated with transport and logistics. FTSC offers a unique, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to improving the performance, operation and understanding of transport and logistics through:

  • education at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • training and technology transfer through regular short courses, workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of industry and the community
  • research and development
  • consulting and expert advisory services

FTSC maintains close links with industry and Government in South Australia, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, and can provide practical and cost-effective solutions to traffic, transport and logistics problems. FTSC is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in travel demand modelling, transport systems modelling, environmental modelling and transport policy analysis.

FTSC is one of Australia’s foremost academic institutes for research and development, education and training in transport systems. FTSC has an integrated research program covering many aspects of Transport Systems. The Research and Development program currently includes the following projects:

Study of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies for improved performance of freight and public transport vehicle fleets
Study of ITS impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and air quality
Freight transport modelling, including fuel consumption and emissions models
Knowledge Based systems and data mining for the appraisal of traffic and environmental problems
Advanced computing techniques for dense network modelling, traffic microsimulation modelling, and emissions modelling
Automatic vehicle location (AVL) using satellite based (GPS) and land based systems
The use of GIS as a tool for visualisation and analysis of urban transport operations, system performance, and pollution dispersion