pen on paper We regard research as an important part of our work and the School has an exciting and  vibrant research culture. Our research programs are industry-focused, future-looking and long-term. The School provides flexible, up-to-date and contemporary research facilities to support our researchers and we are always looking to enhance these further.

Our research can be described in three parts:

  • Our overall research application areas,
  • The centres under which we organise our research, and
  • The programs of research that evolve from time-to-time.

Our fields of research have grown through the years and the School has helped establish Flinders as a significant innovator in research.  The programs of research contain staff, visitors and postgraduates and are dynamic in nature.

Research application areas

Research within the School is focused on three primary research application areas:

Research centres and research programs

Our research centres represent a long-term statement of our research directions. They will contain different research programs from time to time.  Most postgraduate students are associated with a research centre.

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