The Management and Application of Information and Communications Technology in human enterprise, both business and social, has become the corner stone of modern society.   The Enterprise ICT group spans a broad range of interests and research areas, but may be considered as having four key domain themes from which a number of other sub-domains arise.

An underlying philosophical concept is that Enterprise ICT is a collective study area to investigate both the methods and issues for enterprises utilising contemporary ICT technologies. The primary key themes are:

  • Models, Structures, and Processes
  • Management of Enterprise ICT
  • Education, Training, and Technology
  • Issues in ICT

The enterprise ICT group focuses on the adoption, innovative applications and management of ICT with particular emphasis in the areas of e-government, e-business and e-learning.  The group also focuses on research aimed at developing effective strategies, policies and models for technology adoption and service provision in developing and developed economies. Research topics in this area include:  technology adoption and management, technology acceptance models, innovative services using mobile devices and collaborative work.


  • Dr Robert Goodwin : Principal Investigator and Contact Person
  • Associate Professor Paul Calder : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Denise de Vries : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Paul Gardner -Stephen : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Carl Mooney : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Shaowen Qin : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Giselle Rampersad : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Haifen Shen : Principal Investigator
  • Dr Brett Wilkinson : Principal Investigator
  • Mr Ibrahim Algamdi: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Jafar Alhossieni: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Mohammad Alzahrani: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Hasan Alkatani: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Tom Culshaw: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Ali Hanafiah: PhD Candidate (Australian Leadership Award scholar)
  • Mr Peerumporn Jiranantanagorn: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Watcharachai Kongsiriwattana: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Saysoth Keoduandsine: PhD Candidate (Australian Leadership Award scholar)
  • Mr Mark Reilly: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Nor Arzami Othman: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Tony dwi Susanto: PhD Candidate (Australian Leadership Award scholar)
  • Mr Neville Williams: PhD Candidate
  • Mr Yongyao Yan: PhD Candidate
  • Ms Ritu Sharma: MSc Candidate

Current research

  • Technology Management / E-Government in Saudi Arabia -  R. Goodwin, G. Rampersad, I. Algamdi, M. Alzahrani
  • Technology Management / E-Government in Indonesia - R. Goodwin, G. Rampersad, A. Hanafiah
  • Using Mobile Phones for e-Government in Developing Countries - T. dwi Susanto, R. Goodwin, P. Calder
  • Loosely Synchronised Teaching and Learning Using Interactive Mobile Technology - N.A. Othman, P. Calder, R. Goodwin
  • Factors Affecting Software Piracy in Kuwait - J. Hameed, R. Goodwin, C. Mooney
  • Investigation of the extent of and attitudes towards SPAM in Saudi Arabia - H. Alkahtani, R. Goodwin, P. Gardner-Stephen
  • Adaptive Materials for e-Learning - P. Jiranantanagorn, R. Goodwin, C. Mooney
  • ICT and Clean Technology - T. Culshaw, R. Goodwin, A. Cavaye
  • Collaborative work, e-Learning and Java Programming - R. Sharma, R. Goodwin, H. Shen, B Wilkinson
  • Enhancing Student Engagement in Lectures Using Smartphone Technologies - M. Reilly, H. Shen, P. Calder
  • Remote Medical Training Using Collaborative Haptic Devices - Y. Yan, H. Shen, R. Goodwin

Further information

We would be please to supply further information about our activities.  In particular, opportunities exist for high achieving postgraduates to join the program.  Please contact Dr Robert Goodwin.