Head Downloads

This page provides links to Open Source Software and Public Demos relating to some of our Talking Thinking Teaching Head projects. If you use this software please cite the appropriate publication listed below.


Head X FaceGen Edition

As a FaceGen license is required to use this edition, it is not available for download here.  Please contact project leader Martin Luerssen with details of your license if you wish to have access to this version. 

Head X Open Source Edition

Head X is now available as an Open Source Edition (OSE) that completely strips FaceGen from it and is therefore compatible with the New BSD license. Instead of the morphable FaceGen model, we have a single head created with the open source MakeHuman (makehuman.org) tool. The quality of this is very high but the style is arguably not to everyone's taste; however, it is not too difficult to import different models into Head X: just provide a neutral mesh and all its morph shapes as a set of standard OBJ model files. Ideally, one might wish to integrate MakeHuman into Head X one day, but this would be a major undertaking, and new licensing (GPL) issues would arise.

Head X OSE files can be downloaded from this Dropbox folder or mirror or using the individual links below:

Clevertar Prototype Demo

The Clevertar Demo should be runnable directly from the Clevertar website from any modern Java-enabled browser.


A copy for offline demonstration may be found here as either a zip with all files for all platforms, or a folder where cogniscenti can download just what they need (put the files in a folder then open index.html with a browser):

Dropbox Mirror for Head X

Dropbox Mirror for Clevertar Demo

Clevertar OpenDay Buddy

 Flinders University's Open Day Buddy for iphone/iPad/iOS or Android may be downloaded from your Apple or Android appstore - further information is available here.

Relevant Publications

Luerssen, M.H., Lewis, T.W., & Powers, D.M., 2010. Head X: Customizable Audiovisual Synthesis for a Multi-purpose Virtual Head. AI 2010: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 486-495.

Burnham, D.K., Estival, D., Fazio, S., Viethen, J., Cox, F.M., Dale, R., Cassidy, S., Epps, J.R., Togneri, R., Wagner, M., et al., 2011. Building an audio-visual corpus of Australian English: large corpus collection with an economical portable and replicable Black Box. Interspeech 2011, Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, 841-844.

Relevant Funding

  • Thinking Head : Burnham, D. K., Dale, R., Stevens, C. J., Powers, D. M., Davis, C. W., Buchholz, J. M., Kuratate, T., Kim, J., Paine, G. C., Kitamura, C. M., Wagner, M., Moeller, S., Black, A. W., Schultz, T. and Bothe, H. H. (2006-2010). From Talking Heads to Thinking Heads: A Research Platform for Human Communication . ARC Thinking Systems: $3,400,000.
  • AusTalk : Burnham, D., Cox, F., Butcher, A., Fletcher, J., Wagner, M., Epps, J., Ingram, J., Arciuli, J., Togneri, R., Rose, P., Kemp, N., Cutler, A., Dale, R., Kuratate, T., Powers, D., Cassidy, S., Grayden, D., Loakes, D., Bennamoun, M., Lewis, T., Goecke, R., Best, C., Bird, S., Ambikairajah, E., Hajek, J., Ishihara, S., Kinoshita, Y., Tran, D., Chetty, G. and Onslow, M. (2010-12). The Big Australian Speech Corpus: An audio-visual speech corpus of Australian English. ARC LIEF: $650,000.


Available Products

  • Head X – Free Customizable Virtual Head developed under the ARC Thinking Systems SRI, "From Talking Heads to Thinking Heads". Free download for Windows systems (also tested on Mac virtual machines).