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Fiji Video

Check out this video - New Columbo Plan funded field trip organised by Sonia Kleindorfer.

Doors open to Indo-Pacific study


The Science of Communicating Science – SPOC1702

This second semester elective will examine how science is communicated more effectively through a better understanding of the perspective of the audience. Students will explore audience experiences when science is communicated to them in different contexts and for different purposes, and the effect that good science communication should have. Students will examine the psychologies of perception, cognition and decision-making to help them to become better science communicators.

This topic aims to provide students with an understanding of:

  1. Learning principles and basic cognitive processes involved in effective communication; 
  2. The different types, styles and media through which science can be communicated; 
  3. The ways in which individuals react differently to the communication of science, with a focus on processes internal to the individual.