Flinders has a Disability Policy and a Disability Action Plan to ensure appropriate infrastructures are established and maintained within the University.

The implementation of the Plan is overseen by the Disability Committee .

Disability Advisors

The Disability Advisors provide a free, confidential service for enrolled students who have a disability and are the first point of contact for information regarding assistance. 'Disability' refers to any impairment, disability or medical condition that inhibits a student's access to education.

The Disability Advisors coordinate specific services that allow students with disabilities to access university study and can provide advocacy on behalf of individual students or on disability issues that affect a number of students.

Appointments are from 10.00am - 3.30pm, Monday - Friday, but other times can be arranged if this is not convenient.
Students are welcome to drop in at other times, but there is no guarantee the Disability Advisors will be available.

General contact details for the Disability Advisors are:
Phone: 8201 2118 | Email: disability@flinders.edu.au

Faculty Disability Academic Advisors (FDAA)

Mr David Hobbs
Phone: 8201 3167 | Email: david.hobbs@flinders.edu.au
Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen
Phone: 8201 3730 | Email: paul.gardner-stephen@flinders.edu.au  

The FDAA acts as a point of contact for:

  • information for students with disabilities in the Faculty 
  • academic staff within the Faculty who may need to clarify issues in regard to reasonable adjustments to assessment and teaching methods for students with disabilities.

Negotiating adjustments to teaching and assessment methods

Students who wish to apply for adjustments to teaching or assessment methods on the basis of a disability should see the Guidelines for Reasonable Adjustment to Assessment and Teaching Methods for Students with Disabilities which are included in the Student Related Policies and Procedures Manual. They should then consult with the Disability Advisor.

'Reasonable adjustment to assessment' refers to special conditions or considerations in examinations and other assessment exercises.

'Reasonable adjustment to teaching methods' refers to variations in the way courses/topics are taught in order that they are accessible to students with disabilities.

Inclusive teaching & assessment methods

Academic staff should consider issues of inclusive teaching and ensure that the equal opportunities policies adopted as part of the constitution of Flinders University are adhered to.

Recruitment & selection of new staff

The Human Resources Division provide information about recruitment, selection and appointment of new staff, and have specific information in relation to support for staff with disabilities.

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Visit the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS) website for more information about vocational rehabilitation services as well as injury management and prevention services.

Other information